Tokyo Electron Limited: A Coveo Case Study

Transitioning their customer support group from product focus to customer-outcome focus, by empowering their 500 field service engineers (FSE) with real-time, relevant information, was not an easy task.

Now, factor in these obstacles Tokyo Electron America (the U.S. affiliate of Tokyo Electron Limited, a leading supplier of semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment) had in front of them:

  • Six different product lines
  • Manufactured in separate factories in Japan and the U.S.
  • Each factory with its own standards for processes, contracts and knowledge management
  • Data stored differently for customer products and services in each group
  • Multiple languages across a wide array of systems
  • Multiple permissions and security frameworks
  • The need for speed and portability of information

The problem of accessing meaningful, relevant information quickly was growing in complexity. The solution, to improve customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency of FSEs, required the power of Coveo’s Intelligent Search Platform.

Learn the details of how this global manufacturer shelved a third party search appliance and how Coveo’s professional services team configured an intuitive solution based on complex requirements, quickly and without a hitch. And, discover the impact the technology has had on their organization.

“Rather than an FSE reinventing the wheel every time they come across a problem they’re not familiar with, we’re allowing them to reuse existing knowledge that somebody else has already created, and that’s invaluable in terms of time saved and making an FSE better at their job.” – Randy Norton, Director of Business Unit Operations, TEA

Read the in-depth case study to learn how TEL’s service organization used intelligent search to improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost per incident, and shorten mean repair time by 20%.

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