Today, we are excited to announce the release of our latest product, Coveo for ServiceNow – Madrid Edition. 

You can hear all about it at ServiceNow Knowledge from May 7 to 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Coveo’s AI-powered capabilities are available directly within ServiceNow. More specifically, Coveo can integrate inside the Customer Service Management, HR Service Delivery or IT Service Management workflows. This is exciting because today, still,  many employees face a disjointed and complex digital workplace environment that they need to navigate through on a day to day basis in order to accomplish their jobs.  Similarly, customers face these same issues when interacting with different siloed service channels. Now, with this new release, we are in a way breaking down those silos of information:

Coveo provides a single, unified AI-powered search from within ServiceNow Portals or Workflows.

For customers of ServiceNow, this means that they can bring content from all their current best of breed applications and avoid costly migrations of legacy content while delivering a personalized and relevant search experience right within their favorite system of engagement.

For customer support agents this brings additional benefits.  They can automatically get recommended content served up to them based on the case details in their console, injecting relevant knowledge as part of every one of their customer support interactions.  We’ve already seen this in action with many of our current customers, and it has brought substantial positive results such as reducing case resolution time, improving Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT), and increasing overall agent proficiency.

Coveo has been recognized as a leader in this space, with a demonstrated fast time to value and proven success, so bringing our AI-powered search capabilities to ServiceNow is a natural and powerful extension to help ServiceNow customers achieve their improvement goals.

Why Coveo is a Game Changer for ServiceNow

  1. Unify access to knowledge and make ServiceNow the window to the enterprise. Coveo securely indexes and applies machine learning to content spread across your organization.  With 50 pre-built connectors, such as Confluence, Jira, SharePoint, Google Drive and Jive, Coveo helps you deliver the most relevant knowledge seamlessly to your support agents, IT and HR specialists – all within their ServiceNow workflows.
  2. Increase employee and support agent productivity.  Coveo brings AI-powered search and recommendations directly to the support agent, IT, and HR specialist ServiceNow workflows so they have the most relevant content to solve the case-at-hand based on context and previous successful outcomes.
  3. Improve case deflection and self-service success.  Coveo machine learning delivers personalized and contextually relevant recommendations for each interaction. Customers and employees prefer to self-serve and solve issues on their own, with Coveo they can easily find the answers they need resulting in lower costs to serve and more effortless experiences.

The bottom line: it’s time to increase the value of your ServiceNow investment with Coveo.

Book some time with our experts at Knowledge ‘19.

May 7 - 9 Las Vegas, NV
Meet with Coveo at Knowledge ’19