In early 2018 Coveo proudly launched Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365. As the Alliance manager for this line of business, I’ve been working closely with our dedicated partners and Microsoft sellers to enable them to deliver Coveo’s AI-powered Search and Recommendations to their customers utilizing Dynamics 365. I’ve had the pleasure of attending both Microsoft Ready and Microsoft Ignite over the past few months. I’ve observed a few trends and would like to share some of my key takeaways in hope that it can help with your digital transformation initiatives.

Commitment to Customer Success

Everyone within the Microsoft Community is committed to delivering winning experiences for customers, partners, and employees alike – no matter the business system of engagement they are using. I’ve seen many different ways that AI is being applied to solve business problems – one of the ways we do this is by integrating AI-powered search and recommendations directly within Dynamics. This helps Dynamics users to ensure the customer experience is seamless from beginning to end by connecting and unifying content, leveraging relevance and machine learning, and using analytics to make data-driven decisions and measure success.

Unified Digital Experiences are Here to Stay

Organizations are creating a wealth of content on a daily basis aimed at helping employees, partners, and customers alike. But what good is helpful content if it’s living in different, disconnected, information silos? Connecting those silos into a single unified index within Dynamics 365 enables your customers, partners and employees to access the information they need, the moment it’s needed. This means each person can be more productive by spending less time searching for information scattered across a host of internal systems such as bug tracking applications, knowledge bases, file shares, internal portals and so on.

Digital Transformation Alone is Not Enough

It seems as though many organizations are still playing catch up in adopting a digital-first mentality, while other organizations are leading the charge and taking it one step further by putting relevance at the core of their strategy. In a survey of 460 execs by IT analyst Gartner, 62 percent said they had a management initiative or transformation program to make their business more digital. However, having the right technology in place is only one piece of the puzzle. What’s truly helping business scale and become customer-centric are relevant interactions. When relevance is applied to Dynamics 365, you can be sure that everyone who’s searching for information will find the most salient content and recommendations, according to their context and intent in that moment, directly within Dynamics or on your self-service portal. Imagine a world where your customers and support agents can find what they need before before they even know they need it. Not only is this possible, with machine learning the process gets better with every use.

Success is in the Metrics

Your organization can only improve its support experience based on what you can measure and analyze. Usage Analytics enables you to have a complete bird’s eye view of how agents and customers search, and how they are using content to find successful outcomes. When you have the ability to track your users search journeys in real-time, you can identify and eliminate content gaps, spot trends and act with agility. This kind of visibility allows you to spot every opportunity to wow your customers by personalizing each experience. It also empowers your organization to become more customer-centric and make data-driven decisions, both of which will future-proof your business.

Tyler Technologies is a great example of an organization that has shifted from a digital transformation to what we at Coveo call a Relevance Transformation and is successfully using AI-powered search and recommendations to scale its business and wow its customers at every interaction.

“The word around here is that Coveo is genius: it’s been a lifesaver for our support agents already, and we’re continuing to see new benefits.” – Patty Leino, Senior Support Service Manager, Tyler Technologies

If you’re ready to work with a technology partner who has the tools, experience, and know-how to help your organization start delivering on their digital transformation initiatives, get in touch with us. Not only are we a Microsoft Gold certified partner, we also have strategic alliances with both Salesforce and Sitecore. We’re ready to help you deliver the relevance your organization deserves.

Next week the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 team is going to be on-location for the CRMUG Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. Coveo VP Products Nicolas Bordeleau, will be speaking alongside Patty Leino for “The Roadmap to Intelligent Assisted Support” on October 18th at 1:15PM. If you’re curious to discover how Tyler Technologies has leveraged AI to drive agent proficiency and increase CSAT, be sure to join us. You will also be able to find us within the expo hall – booth 1328. I hope to see you there!