We recently partnered with the global, women- and minority-owned digital consulting and software firm, iTalent Digital. The firm helps companies in diverse industries through a suite of digital transformation services including enterprise collaboration, automated mobile solutions, business insights and analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud integration, software development, and transformation management.

Our teams worked together to enable search on a customer’s online Lithium-based community. Before the project, community members searching for information needed to jump between various applications or repositories, which was complicated by the fact that community members were not always aware of all of the different repositories for content. Thanks to Coveo’s ability to unify all of the content from the entire ecosystem of records and iTalent’s expertise with Lithium, community members now have access to everything they need right within the community: one search presents results from multiple sources, all in one place.

The Coveo platform transforms customer experiences by helping customers solve more problems on their own, with ease. Given that communities are playing an even bigger role in customer experiences, and our joint goals of reimagining digital end-to-end experiences, we are particularly looking forward to working with iTalent on future projects.

iTalent Digital breaks down their approach to digital transformation into three distinct benefits:

  1. Captivate your customer. Digital technologies can transform customer experiences to continually attract and grow customer loyalty.
  2. Accelerate innovation. iTalent follows an agile process designed to help stay ahead of the competition and speed up the innovation cycle.
  3. Boost profits and reduce costs. Digital transformation enables companies to uncover patterns and efficiency issues in their current operations and processes, helping the bottom line.

We had a chance to catch up with Marie-Michele Caron, senior director of alliances for Coveo, and Fred Walters, General Partner at iTalent Digital, to get the scoop on the good news.

Q: What’s most exciting about the Coveo and iTalent Digital partnership?

Marie-Michele: The opportunities this brings for our clients. iTalent’s expertise in digital transformation, coupled with our AI-powered search and relevance solution, will be revolutionary for our joint customers who need to improve their employee and customer digital experiences. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

Q: What have you enjoyed most about working with Coveo so far?

Fred: The Coveo team has been a great partner and advocate for our mutual customers in delivering the right solutions. During the implementation phase, Coveo fully committed to our customers’ success and ensured a complete and efficient knowledge transfer so that we had everything we needed to effectively support our clients on an ongoing basis.

Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword for companies. With the rise in personalization and relevance, real transformation of employees’ and customers’ digital experiences is possible – and brings real results. Empowering your employees and customers with the content and information they need right when they need in their digital experiences enables organizations to meet their strategic goals for customer retention, innovation, and more.

Together, Coveo and iTalent Digital will help organizations capitalize on the potential that digital transformation brings. Find out more about iTalent by visiting their website and reading through their case studies of customer experience and transformation.