Working remotely didn’t stop us from continuing to innovate in order to expand upon our service offering ahead of our Summer Release. Now that we’re here, we are excited to share a collection of exciting new updates with you.  

So what exactly is included in our Summer ‘20 Service Release? 

Well, the features we’ve rolled out in our Summer Release cover quite a few use cases! 

Intelligent Case Assist

The biggest development that we’d like to bring to your attention is that we’ve launched the first phase of Coveo Intelligent Case Assist. This introduces a whole new experience powered by Coveo, and it is configurable through a brand-new dedicated API.

Customers can now easily leverage Coveo to power case classification and case deflection in order to create a truly optimal case creation experience. This new experience aims to ensure that cases are properly classified on the first try and that customers are presented with the most relevant content available to solve their specific issue: 

Coveo Intelligent Case Assist empowers customers to find the content they need to solve their specific issue, right away.

As mentioned above, a fantastic aspect of this brand-new feature is that it is serviced through a new API which is tailored to this use case, making it a lot easier and intuitive to set up. The API configurations are all exposed through our Admin Console tool to make it even easier for administrators to configure and maintain. 

Lightning Insight Panel

Another novelty of this release is a reimagined Coveo Lightning Insight Panel. After a thorough UX revision process, we’ve reworked the whole interface to make it easier to adopt and use by agents and employees. 

The Coveo Lightning Insight Panel before and after its summer transformation

There are 4 key components of this new and improved Insight Panel.

  1. We’ve optimized component real estate by removing the component’s title and tabs, by default. After evaluation, we realized that most implementations did not require tabs or that they could easily be replaced with filters. 
  2. We decided to enable promoted results badges by default, as they help users find what they need more efficiently and effectively.
  3. We replaced our labeled buttons like “Full Search” and “Create Article” with icon buttons due to the fact that users did not always recognize that they were buttons during user tests. It also gives the panel a simpler design. 
  4. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we added the Insight Query Summary which helps an agent understand what view they are seeing in the panel – whether it be recommended content or search results. 

A more detailed preview of the fully reimagined Coveo Lightning Insight Panel

Migrating to this new look is quite easy and you can find the documentation here

Connectors and Chatbots

In this release, we’ve also made a major improvement to the Salesforce connector: MAD-access is no longer mandatory to index Salesforce content and permissions.

For more details, please see our updated documentation

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to share that you can soon witness the art of the possible with chatbots by watching our new Coveo-integrated Einstein Bots demo. This demo will exhibit how Coveo’s AI-Powered search technologies serve to boost chatbot performance by enabling them to answer any unanticipated questions, and, as a result, enhance the overall experience for customers.

Spoiler alert: The Coveo Chatbot Lightning Web Component leverages the Coveo Search API to transform the chatbot user’s message into a search query and return rich search results, right in the chat window!

Be sure to stay tuned – it’s coming soon. 


To learn more about the exciting new features included in our Summer Release, be sure to sign up for our first-ever“New in Coveo” webinar. In this session, we’ll introduce you to the continued innovation and new capabilities for our Service solutions that will help you streamline case creation, improve the agent user experience, and add unified intelligence to your chatbots.