Businesses today have a relevance problem.

The problem is bigger than employees taking 30 minutes to find a document. It’s the most valuable resource in a company going under-utilized and underperforming: knowledge. Sixty-one percent of knowledge workers access four or more systems to find information and 13 percent access 11 or more, according to IDC.

Solving it requires designing an intelligent workplace – using intelligent search – that will connect the ecosystem of record, make it searchable and then automatically tune the relevance of results. Enable every employee to share and consume knowledge, depending on their context, information needs, and access level. Relevant information powers the innovation, collaboration and upskilled workforce that companies need to win their market. Looking at search as just a “function” or a commodity to be managed is a crucial missed opportunity.

Today’s leaders in enterprise search are not only doing this – but making it completely painless with machine learning that automatically tunes results by learning from users’ online behavior patterns. Coveo combines usage analytics of the system with the patent-pending machine learning so the user experience is continuously improving. It automatically studies behavior patterns to understand what content leads to the best outcomes for the user. It’s a “concierge” to employees that understands the intent of the visit, has the most up-to-date information, and uses the knowledge of what worked well for similar users to answer questions and make relevant recommendations.

What makes these efforts worth it? These are some of the results our customers have seen.
Infographic: Impact of an Intelligent Workplace

There are only four steps between your current state and meeting your KPIs by solving your relevance problem. Download our Guide to Building an Intelligent Workplace to get started and understand why tapping into your organization’s existing talent pool and information sources is the best way to increase employee proficiency and create an intelligent workplace.

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Guide to Building an Intelligent Workplace