Coveo Impact is approaching quickly. What’s it like to be in the winner’s circle?

In this short video, Coveo Director of Customer Advocacy Ari Hoffman shares what you and your team can expect out of the Experience Intelligence Awards hosted at Impact.

Are you ready to win?

Now that you know what winning an Experience Intelligence Award means, let’s explore the different categories you can enter! 

1.) The Impact Award The Coveo Impact Award recognizes a company whose efforts and successes have made a clear impact on business outcomes. Their results are measurable and have either improved the customer experience, driven operational efficiency, improved cost savings and/or impacted revenue performance.

2.) The Innovators Award The Coveo Innovators Award celebrates teams, organizations, and trailblazers who contribute to their organization’s success through the innovative and creative use of their Coveo solution to deliver relevant and unprecedented end-to-end experiences.

3.) The Industry Leader Award The Coveo Industry Leader Award honors a customer who has implemented Coveo usage analytics, applied KCS or knowledge management best practices and has benefitted from significant organizational change.

4.) The Accelerator Award The Coveo Accelerator Award commemorates a Coveo partner that has exhibited deep knowledge and technical expertise, understands a customers’ business challenges and clearly delivers value-driven business outcomes.

5.) The Connect Champion Award Making its first annual debut, The Coveo Connect Champion Award is for a customer who has demonstrated engagement excellence within the Connect community by serving others on their journey to maturity, while also leveraging the community to improve their own use of Coveo technology and relevance best practices.

We look forward to celebrating YOU on the big stage!

Click here to learn more about the awards, see past winners, and apply for a chance to win!