I have always found starting a new job to be slightly stressful. And the thought of starting a new job in the time of COVID-19,  with a 100% remote onboarding process, definitely didn’t help with that stress. I was apprehensive about this at first, but, luckily, nothing was left to chance. I received all necessary equipment and materials way before my first day, and I was all set to begin on Monday at 9:00 AM. 

My nervousness slowly transformed into excitement about meeting my new team. During my interview process, I sensed a great vibe about my future teammates, and from day one it was clear that  they were ready to quickly accept me as one of their own – despite the distance. It was a really welcoming onboarding experience! 

The Last 3 Months

You should know that Coveo does not leave anything to chance when it comes to onboarding  new employees. In the time of COVID, the company has put initiatives in place to make everything run seamlessly. 

Coveo provided tools to help me better understand the company, the product and my role – like the Coveo 90. In the form of a 90-day checklist, I knew exactly what I needed to accomplish within my first three months, and I was given the opportunity to become autonomous quickly and easily. Another essential step at Coveo is the Onboarding: a 3-day intensive training program for all new employees, in which we talk about every aspect of the company. This gave me the opportunity to not only interact and engage with people who were in the same situation as I was, but also to gain a better understanding of Coveo’s vision and challenges! Today, I’m proud to say that I have completed my Coveo 90 🎉🎉

My colleagues also had a massive impact on the speed of my ramp up process – they have been a crucial element in my onboarding. At times, I felt afraid of asking dumb questions, but they quickly brought me to understand that I had no reason to be shy. They continuously expressed that they were there to answer all my questions and that it would be their pleasure to help me. I not only witnessed this type of camaraderie within my team, but throughout the entire organization!

As much as I loved the structure that was offered to me during onboarding, I appreciated the freedom and trust that was shared with me quickly after joining even more. I had the opportunity to work on interesting projects with a high level of autonomy. When I first started, I never imagined that I would see significant accomplishments and have a major impact within just 90 days – and the unimaginable is exactly what has unfolded.

Now that I am fully integrated into my HR Specialist role, this experience will only become more valuable for me. Ironically, I am responsible for the onboarding of new employees within the scope of my role! Having gone through the onboarding process during a pandemic has allowed me to better understand the reality of those I welcome at Coveo. I am the first person you’ll speak to after signing your offer with us (hello)!

A Second, First Day

The funniest part of this story is that I will have a second first day, oh yes!  Even though I’ve been working here for more than three months, I have no idea what it’s like to work in the physical office. I already advised my colleagues at the Quebec office that when we do eventually return and meet each other in person, I will probably have just as many questions as I did on the first day.
I will need your help to figure out the coffee machine – and find the gym! Thanks in advance 😉 

By the way, we are still hiring and have many positions available – join the Coveolife!

And… it will be my pleasure to welcome you!