Enterprise software categories around search, engagement, personalization, and now experiences have scaled tremendously. In part, because the world continues its pandemic-accelerated race towards extreme digital. 

(Experiences are more important than the product or service purchased — or by the work being done by employees and partners.)

And also because vendors and analysts like to differentiate between the nuances of software types.

For these reasons, the Coveo Platform™ is found not just in traditional search categories. Now, it’s permeating — and excelling — in experience-based enterprise software categories. 

AI Powers Experiences

As it bolsters its robust unified search with machine learning, Coveo spans categories that seek to solve the challenge of relevance at scale for customer, partner, and employee experiences.   

As the intelligence “behind” experiences, Coveo makes each personal, enjoyable, and differentiated, rather than owning the “face” of the interaction.

In 2021, the Coveo platform was included in more than 14 software categories across 30 analyst reports published by leading industry analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC.  The reports focused on Customer Experience, Digital Commerce, Customer Service and Support, the Future of Work, Progressive Web Apps, and more.

Coveo was included in the following categories in 2021:

Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM)

Personalization Engines

Commerce Search

Content Engagement Solutions

Cognitive Search


Next Best Experience (NBX)

Insight Engines

Customer Journey Orchestration

Intelligent Apps

Customer Analytics

Knowledge Management for Customer Service

Enterprise Search

Progressive Web Apps

The Next Realm: The Total Experience

Yet another engagement model is emerging, which brings together what is missing from the list above – a cohesive, continuous experience that understands not only what journey someone has traveled, the experiences they have had, and learned from each of them to make the next ever more relevant, but also the intersection of customer and empowered employee experiences – where the magic happens for companies. It’s called Total Experience and includes Intelligent Coordination. 

Detailing this intersection, the report “Drive Application Innovation Using CX CORE With Total Experience,” Gartner, October 26, 2021, by Jason Wong and Michelle Deurst, states, “Application and software engineering leaders innovate to compete not only on great customer experience but increasingly for great employee experience.”

This is an ecosystem of technologies that together help companies increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value, precisely because they also focus on employee experience. Solutions that address and empower the beleaguered, exhausted employee will be key.

One thing we can be certain about in this next experience evolution: Relevance will be required.