It’s now official and I’ve got to say: we are thrilled! After years growing the company in Quebec City, Amsterdam and San Francisco, Coveo is now heading to Montreal. Over the next 2 years, we will invest significant money to build an office in the heart of the Quartier de l’innovation. We also welcome the opportunity to hire the best from the highly qualified, bilingual and creative workforce that Montreal has to offer.

Coveo has been running at full steam over the last few years with major innovations introduced like Coveo Cloud, Usage Analytics and Coveo Machine-Learning, to name a few. We have been shaping intelligent search and predictive insights as the future of digital experiences. It’s been a crazy ride with lots of challenges along the way!

Getting talented folks to join the ride is (indeed!) always a challenge. It will be even more as we continue to grow exponentially and broaden our offering. The decision to open this Montreal office is a highly strategic move in that regard. We have big aspirations on the talent front and need a massive pool of talent to help us take the company to the next level. With its four great universities, its vibrant tech scene, a strong concentration of creative workers and an acclaimed district of innovation, Montreal has everything we need.

Place Ville-Marie

Our team will settle in WeWork at Place Ville-Marie until the office grand opening later this year.

Spreading yourself in different locations can sometimes compromise your company culture. But doing so only a few hours away from our Corporate Headquarters, in the country and the province where it all started, will help mitigate the risk. It will be easier to get the culture infused in the new work place two hundred clicks away than three time zones away… #Coveolife

Curious? You should follow us (and participate) on our journey to take the future of digital experiences to Montreal! We’ll keep you posted on all the developments, brief you on major milestones, ask for your ideas and much more! Visit our dedicated microsite, subscribe to our newsletter or simply follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn… We’ll share more and more about us over the next few weeks. It should culminate in December with the grand opening of the office.

In the meantime, we’re already hiring for many key roles. Take a look for yourself and share with friends our great opportunities! We want Montreal to become a major creative hub for us: it starts with Marketing but it will spread to all departments shortly. Stay tuned for more on our next stop in the digital experiences revolution: Montreal!