Challenging the status quo has always been Motorola Solutions’ tradition.

When the time came to implement their digital transformation strategy, they knew that their chosen solution had to not only elevate the digital experiences of their customers and prospects but provide an engaging journey that’s optimized for conversion.

After all, in the age of Google and Amazon, it is reported that 72 percent of consumers expect a personalized digital experience tailored to their needs, while more than 76 percent of consumers are willing to switch vendors to obtain a better consumer-like experience.

The March 14 webinar on “How to Use Intelligent Site Search to Increase Conversions,” hosted by Martech, shines a spotlight on how Motorola Solutions, a global leader in mission-critical communications, transformed digitally and started implementing Coveo’s AI-powered search and recommendations technology on their 16 websites around the world. So far, the solution has been applied on five of their websites.

Unifying Digital Journeys

The timing for their digital transformation couldn’t have been more perfect as the company had been actively transitioning to a solutions software and service-centered business, where a fluid, cohesive and personalized web experience is imperative for conversion. The challenge though was that they could not provide this fluid experience that customers were looking for with their legacy search solution. Motorola Solutions’ digital experience manager Jon Rossman shared: “We heard from some of our customers that they were facing some challenges doing business with Motorola Solutions online, and our customer journey was a bit fragmented from what someone might buy to what they are buying, to what they actually bought.”

By March 2018, Jon and his team were on a mission to unify customer experience that could enable self-service and increase conversion. Through a truly collaborative effort spanning marketing, digital and IT teams, Motorola Solutions asked Coveo to demonstrate how they could meet their requirements. To their pleasant surprise, Coveo returned with a comprehensive pilot that showcased what a contextualized site search would look like and how every site visitor–whether an employee, customer or partner–could enjoy a truly personalized experience, every time.

Two Months and Counting

In December 2018, Coveo was implemented on five of Motorola Solutions’ 16 websites. While there are multiple functionalities that were activated, a couple examples they share on the webinar are: query suggestions where machine learning suggests search users popular search terms based on the number of queries and clicks associated with those queries, and query corrections which entail auto-correcting spelling errors and offering a “did you mean” feature to allow visitors to expand their search scope.

Motorola Solutions reports seeing significant results in just over two months–December 2018 to February 2019:

  • 97 percent of visitors finding results
  • 23 percent improvement on query click-through
  • 12 percent improvement on visit click-through
  • 6 percent higher query click-through rate with machine learning than without machine learning

In less than 60 minutes, the webinar illustrates how artificial intelligence can help elevate digital experiences, and how one can leverage analytics from search to evolve their web strategy and optimize conversion rates. Get ready to be inspired by Motorola Solutions’ example.

Webinar Replay
How to Use Intelligent Site Search to Increase Conversions