What is the best way to understand your customers’ intent and deliver exactly what they want to see? We recently partnered with Verndale, the customer experience agency, to produce an ebook that answers this very question.

Whether you’re trying to learn how your customers tick or you’re trying to find a solution that can help you deliver personalized experiences, we believe that this ebook is a great asset for your ecommerce platform.

In this post, we’ll go over some of these key tips and takeaways that you can gain from our collaboration, as well as the KPIs that this technology can help you deliver. Keep reading on below to find out what we cover in our ebook.  

1. Find Out What Your Customers Are Thinking

Determining your customers’ intent is really tough: gone are the days that your visitors would walk into your store looking for a recommendation from a salesperson. In our guide to AI-powered commerce, we discuss how commerce has changed and how you can use behavioral analytics in order to personalize automated recommendations and fill in content gaps. In this day and age, AI-powered search is a blessing for both understanding and delivering on buyer intent at scale.

Need more insight on what your visitors are looking for when they come to your ecommerce website and how you can better serve them? Our ebook can help.

Searching for a Better Shopping Experience

2. Learn How Machine Learning Helps You Scale Personal Experiences

If you know what your customers want to buy, you can effectively personalize their experiences and deliver relevant content recommendations. But how can you personalize so many different experiences all at once? Machine learning algorithms, along with well-placed site search can help: by knowing what your visitors are searching for, you can classify their interests and automatically deliver relevant product recommendations.

Better recommendations means bigger upsells and better cross-sells, along with higher conversion rates for your products.

3. Build a Martech Stack That Gets Results

In our guide, you can learn the benefits of using omnichannel transactional systems in order to serve multiple needs across your entire business. Picking your battles and testing different solutions is essential here: you want your stack to work as one unit, with each system informing all of the others. Optimizing and indexing all of your data is essential, especially if you’re feeding all of this information into a digital experience platform like Sitecore or Coveo.

Take a peek at our guide to find out the best ways to unify and mature your martech stack in order to boost your sales pipeline.

By understanding how you can better serve your customers, automating personalization using AI-powered search, and building a powerful martech stack that boosts your conversions, Coveo and Verndale’s Guide to AI-Powered Commerce is an indispensable tool for any ecommerce business. Check it out below!

Searching for a Better Shopping Experience