Our new online learning platform gives customers and partners unlimited access to our entire training catalogue.

Coveo’s brand promise is a simple one: make business personal. That promise echoes through everything we do. Coveo Academy, our new on-demand learning program is the newest addition to that brand promise, a symbol of our ongoing focus on customer success.

Perhaps you built your Coveo solution with the help of our own Professional Services team or one of our strategic partners; you’ve learned the basics of managing search pages and how to leverage analytics and created insights into your audiences’ behaviors.

Maybe you started using Coveo with the goal of increasing case deflection and self-service success but then you met your “digital twin” at Coveo Impact. You heard about how they use Coveo and you want the same intelligence you see in those solutions can be put to work in other areas of your organization.

At the same time, you are on a relevance journey, using the Coveo Relevance Maturity Model to guide your success and move forward in your journey. How do you learn more, faster? How do you put your ideas into practice?  How can you extend your Coveo investment and become your organization’s internal Coveo hero?

Introducing Coveo Academy

In 2016, we first launched our Coveo training program and in the last three years we’ve trained 1,109 people in more than 330 live training sessions. At every step of the way, we learned a lot. We knew our customers and partners needed us to make this experience seamless and available on-demand. Coveo Academy meets our customers’ and partners’ demands for a new way to increase their skills with Coveo, in a way that fits their lifestyle and busy workday.

Once you subscribe to Coveo Academy, you and your team can register for an unlimited number of on-demand classes covering a wide range of topics. From the Platform Administration course — which provides a great foundation for anyone who is going to be working with Coveo — to more focused courses covering Coveo Usage Analytics reports, Coveo Machine Learning models, and advanced customizations on the indexing and user interface sides of your implementation. These courses will help you optimize, automate, and extend your Coveo-driven pages and applications and accelerate the time-to-value of your Coveo investment.

We have a growing library of stand-alone “bite-size” learning courses which provide useful tips and techniques, including information about new features and best practices. Additionally, your team can proudly display their Coveo Academy accomplishments with our new badges that you can broadly share internally, or externally!

It’s no secret. Our most successful customers are the ones who have invested in training, and you don’t know what you don’t know. The great news is that you don’t even have to wait. We’re proud to be swinging the doors open at Coveo Academy, TODAY.

Have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details. We’re ready to help you make every interaction count.