Ever since we introduced Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition in April, our customers and partners have been asking our teams, “when will the Enterprise Cloud edition become available?” I am excited to announce that today is the day.

As part of our commitment to making digital experiences richer and more personal for all Sitecore websites, today at the Sitecore Symposium we are introducing the all-new Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud Edition and a new native integration to Sitecore Commerce for all editions of Coveo for Sitecore.

With these new editions, Coveo is the only cloud-based, self-learning site search app for all Sitecore websites – including Sitecore Commerce sites – that accesses all of your information, recommends the most relevant content & products, and automatically learns and improves results for future visits and visitors.

To bring these innovations to market, our product teams worked closely with Sitecore product management and we think you are going to be thrilled with the results.

“Sitecore and Coveo have been close technology partners for years. As we build an ever-tighter, end-to-end shopping experience on the Sitecore Experience Platform, we’re pleased that the two products work so well together now. The more relevant the content and offers that Coveo can make, the better conversions and outcomes our customers will see.” – Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore EVP, Customer Experience

New Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud Edition

We designed the Enterprise Cloud edition to include all of the great capabilities of our Pro Cloud edition and do even more. The edition features more out of the box connectors, the unique ability to index on-premises content in the cloud, and powerful new product and content recommendation capabilities.

  • Connectivity for on-premises and cloud content sources. Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud Edition unifies on-premises and cloud content securely in the cloud, so site visitors can access relevant information from everywhere. The edition includes our Web, Sitemap & Database connectors, access to our complete portfolio of Cloud connectors, and a Push API to connect to on-premises content. This capability is unique to Coveo and an industry first.
  • Deep behavioral analytics. Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud Edition usage analytics uncover what site visitors are looking for, track successful conversions and can combine with Google Analytics to illustrate the entire customer journey. The usage analytics feed Coveo Machine-Learning, and dashboards explore relevance, content gaps, audiences and search sessions.
  • Relevant product & content recommendations. Relying on our Coveo Machine-Learning self-learning technology to continuously analyze your visitors’ click stream data and the behavior patterns captured by usage analytics, Coveo automatically and accurately serves up the content or products that are most likely to drive conversions or ensure your visitors find the content they need. Coveo understands your visitors’ visit history and context to make intelligent recommendations based on a deep understanding of what has worked best for others.

Like the Pro Cloud edition, the new Enterprise Cloud edition can be up and running within minutes, not hours or days. Web developers and system integrators can build search-driven experiences using Coveo’s visual interface editor. As a cloud service, Coveo for Sitecore is always up-to-date. No upgrades, updates, maintenance or on-premises hardware required. Coveo’s cloud infrastructure is elastic and scales automatically with demand, and relies on the most advanced security and compliance requirements.

The Enterprise Cloud edition is ideal for Sitecore sites that require a recommendations engine or the need to personalize content for every visitor. Larger Sitecore sites, or those with complex architectures and content residing outside of Sitecore and/or heavy visitor traffic would benefit from these capabilities as well.

Sitecore Commerce: Create the shopping experience your visitors expect

With Coveo, Sitecore Commerce sites can take advantage of Coveo best-in-class intelligent search capabilities to recommend the best products, services and content to every visitor. The new, native integration with Sitecore Commerce (made available through the Sitecore Commerce Connect Framework), allows e-commerce sites to leverage Coveo’s enterprise-grade relevance, connectivity and secure indexing capabilities.

Coupled with Coveo Machine-Learning self-learning capabilities, visitors are automatically provided with contextually relevant offers and products based on their profile, behavior and the experiences of visitors and shoppers like them, to increase cart conversions and positive outcomes.

“Consumers are far more demanding of the brands they buy from than ever before. Sitecore is focused on helping brands deliver rich, contextualized shopping experiences for their consumers. Coveo helps make this possible, says Ryan Donovan, SVP, Product Management at Sitecore.

Learn more & try Coveo for Sitecore in the cloud for free

The fastest way see the power of these new capabilities is to try Coveo on your own Sitecore site. Within 15 minutes you’ll be able to deploy Coveo for Sitecore and the Cloud indexes will be provisioned and ready to index your Sitecore items. Even if you are unsure of which edition is right for you, you can start with a Cloud Trial. This will allow you to build search interfaces and experiences instead of deploying the index on your current machine. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to switch from one indexing mode to another. To learn more or to start your free trial visit www.coveo.com/sitecore.

To learn more about the new Enterprise Edition, see a demo and ask questions of our product experts in a live format, attend our upcoming Office Hours webinar on September 28, 2016. Register here.