I did it! My first Salesforce Demo Jam!

What is a Demo Jam? According to Salesforce, “Demo Jams are a game show style event where 4-8 app partners showcase their most compelling app in a super short, no fluff, 3-minute demo.” It’s a great way to show off your solution to the Salesforce audience.

Last week, while attending Salesforce World Tour Toronto, I did just that. I presented a demo of Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations inside Service Cloud and Community Cloud. I showed how easy it is to deliver relevant content to your customers, partners and employees while boosting case deflection and maximizing agent productivity. Read all about our Spring ’19 release in my last blog post.

Let me share some tips on how to make your next #demojam a success…

How to Craft a Three-Minute Demo

How do you explain a complex product in three minutes? First, while it is a short time, you can also bore someone in about fifteen seconds if you’re not relevant. We’ve all seen presentations like that.

Think about the three biggest problems your app solves and organize your demo around that, giving each “solution” about a minute each. Try to listen to your customer explain your product and why it’s valuable to them to solve these issues, then mimic that language (and their main ideas) in your presentation. Provide short, concise descriptions of the problem and the value – don’t get lost in the technical details. It’s hard to not show off all of your exciting capabilities, but bringing in too many will dilute your message.

You need to prepare your message enough that you can do it backward and forward, and in the event of a catastrophe like the internet failing just as you begin. Side note: always have all of your tabs open before you start presenting!

How to Get the Most Value Out of Demo Jam

Here’s the hardest part: ask a coworker to record your presentation and watch the video afterward. You will notice SO MUCH and really improve your presentation. Trust me, it’s not a fun watch your first time, but it is so worth it.

The real value of Demo Jam is getting to hone your elevator pitch. You’ll have a lot less time to explain the value of your product in front of a disinterested prospect stopping by your booth or a customer unsure of their need from your solution. Getting to a place where you can succinctly describe their pain points and your solution is an amazing skill!

Keep Learning and Participating!

It was a great experience and I’m excited to do it again sometime soon! What other tips and advice do my fellow Salesforce community members have? Hit me up on Twitter @neilkostecki or LinkedIn /neilkostecki to keep the discussion going.