Search Continues to Evolve and Become More Intelligent

The new year is in full swing and my guess is that your organization has hit the ground running, ready to take on 2017. Whether your mandate is to improve your customer service strategy, offer innovative ways for your customers to interact with your product, or fuel the growth of your IoT solution, an intelligent search solution can help you to achieve success. To ensure that you plan for success, I’ve prepared my search predictions for 2017.

Last year, I forecasted how intelligent search would transform the way people discover relevant information. And, as predicted, the concept of ‘search’ has made a strong comeback. Proving that when search is powered by machine learning and analytics, its value spans far beyond the search bar.

Intelligent search continues to evolve and it looks as though this will be yet another promising year. Here are 5 things you should consider this year:

Search will continue to evolve into Intelligent Search. From merely delivering a list of results to providing the best, most contextual answers and synthesizing information for human-friendly consumption.

The cloud is now the new normal and the general availability of massive computing and storage resources is democratizing access to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Leveraging ML & AI, Intelligent Search will power an increasing number of business processes and application workloads, though users will often not realize it. The traditional search boxes will blend with chat boxes to provide more conversational experiences.

Exploring large structured datasets like BI will become more intuitive when combined with Intelligent Search and Natural Language Querying.

Search capabilities will be offered in a modular, building block, a-la-carte fashion via APIs.

Due to the failure of general purpose tools and services, organizations will seek best-in-class, specialized services to deliver the capabilities they need. The cloud and the advances in micro-services architectures will let professionals build applications on search platforms that allow them to take advantage of this interconnectivity with best-of-breed 3rd party services, and deliver truly tailored and immersive intelligent search experiences.

Proprietary solution vendors will become more open, share with and contribute to the community.

Products and companies with open source initiatives and components will be seen as more innovative, with a strong focus on continuous improvement and refinement. The rise of micro-services architecture will make it possible for proprietary solution vendors to open-source part of their “walled garden” and embrace user/customer-driven innovation.

Search will be used as a core decision-making component within automated, IoT workflows and processes.

Search technologies will help power the growth of IoT solutions, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, and other applications where a human is not the direct end-user. The relative agility of indexing and retrieval technologies will facilitate machine-based decision making, particularly when data informing these decisions must be ingested from disparate, non-structured sources and / or is being updated at a high velocity.

Virtual and augmented reality will leverage search to power new information exploration applications.

The rise of virtual and augmented reality will create a wholly new category of search-driven data exploration applications. Search technologies and AR/VR systems will let users interact, explore, navigate, engage, and collaborate with information in ways that were not possible before. These experiences will combine traditional text input, voice, and physical movement to create immersive, search-powered experiences.

The future is here, and it’s exciting. Don’t fall behind your competition, contact one of our intelligent search experts to learn more about Coveo Intelligent Search and how it can help your organization achieve success in 2017.