Intelligent search technology delivers the best information for every customer and every employee, every time, everywhere.

Organizations of all types are embracing intelligent search-based apps to enhance their digital customer engagement and create more agile and engaging workplaces—that help employees upskill as they work. The technology is transforming the way people discover relevant information and insights that matter—more and more, without ever conducting a search.

  • A Fortune 500 company is using intelligent search to improve its customer self-service, and improved success rates 5x (watch video case study).
  • A leading investment management firm uses intelligent search to help its employees find relevant knowledge 90% faster (read more).
  • The leader in customer contact software selected intelligent search to enhance the experience of its own customers and support agents (read more).

2016 will see even more advances for intelligent search. The power, efficiency and security of the cloud will make advanced search available to more organizations than ever before. Machine learning will make search programs more relevant, scalable and simpler to maintain than ever before.

Here are my intelligent search predictions for 2016:

  1. Machine learning will transform enterprise search to intelligent search – The power and sophistication of machine learning technology will ensure that search results are always the most relevant and intelligent for everyone. Machine learning continuously learns and adjusts based on different signals, such as a community of users’ behavior, and automatically adjusts search results. The technology will understand intent, and the search successes achieved by others improve the results and experiences for everyone. Results won’t have to match the keywords anymore – they will match the intent of the user.
  1. Greater confidence in cybersecurity will extend search benefits across the enterprise – With growing confidence in both the underlying security of individual on-premise systems and cloud security technologies and practices, more companies will unify their cloud and on-premise content from across all of their systems. This move will allow organizations to extend enterprise search across all systems, eliminating data siloes, and finally give every employee and every customer the best, farthest-reaching and most relevant information at every point. 
  1. Intelligent search will speed digital transformation with more engagement and upskilling – Intelligent search will give everyone the information they need, when they need it, because it will understand what has helped “others like me” to succeed. When people have the most relevant information at the precise moment of need, they engage and learn in real time. 
  1. Intelligent search programs become proactive and predictive – In 2016, companies will move beyond the first level of search maturity – being responsive to every question – to give customers and employees proactive and predictive recommendations. Proactive search will show people what is related to their current needs and predictive search will recommend what the individual doesn’t even know they need, but will find important.  
  1. Search will make more systems intelligent – Powerful search technology will simply deliver the best information from across the enterprise and beyond, within the systems where people work and interact every day.  Search will make systems smart by delivering the best information, every time.

How can intelligent search help your organization to better engage customers and help your employees work smarter, learn faster and better serve your increasingly sophisticated customers?  Watch this video and contact us to schedule a briefing with one of our intelligent search experts.

To learn more, watch the replay of our recent webinar, “The impact of intelligent search on the digital workplace.” 

Impact of Intelligent Search on the Digital Workplace