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Videos & Demos

Introducing the Coveo Enterprise Search Platform

Watch this brief introduction to the world’s most complete, secure, and flexible enterprise search platform.

Introduction to Coveo for Salesforce

Built directly into the Salesforce UI, Coveo creates 360º views of customers, cases and prospects with data from custom fields as well as outside Salesforce. No IT required, and no strings attached.

Exceptional Customer Service Powered by Coveo

Customer service is a high-stakes game these days. Customers will pay a premium for exceptional service, and won’t think twice about turning to your competition when they don’t get it. So what does it take to deliver? It takes the power of Coveo.

In-Depth Demo: Coveo for Salesforce

Learn how Coveo transforms knowledge management for customer support by injecting the most relevant content into the context of every agent and every customer, regardless of where the information resides—cloud-based, on-premise or social systems.

Introduction to Coveo for Sitecore

Learn why so many companies have leveraged the power of Coveo on their Sitecore-powered websites to deliver advanced website search, navigation and content personalization.

In-Depth Demo: Coveo for Sitecore 7

Learn how Coveo for Sitecore transforms website and e-commerce experiences for optimal customer engagement; seamlessly integrated within Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform’s most recent release 7.

The Future of Knowledge Management and Access

Coveo's Diane Berry explains how a new breed of context-aware technologies are improving access to collective knowledge, leading to a more efficient, connected and empowered workforce.

CA Technologies: We Tie Together Over 70 Systems with Coveo

“We tie together over 70 systems internally that we index with Coveo. We wanted to get at that information in a meaningful way, and it’s used by all the employees across CA Technologies... as well as customers on our external site. Coveo’s been extraordinarily valuable... supporting about 1000 hits/minute from over 150,000 registered users on our support site.” - Leo Annab, Business Technology Officer

Kurt Salmon: Coveo Helped Us Accelerate Sales

"With Coveo, we’re able to search, consolidate, correlate and analyze information on customers, engagements, past projects, our people, and more, all through a single interface, giving us a deeper level of insight into our business. Coveo has really helped us to accelerate sales as well as better serve our customer engagements.” - Vincent Fosty, Managing Partner

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Serving Many Audiences

“Our external website has about 30,000 pages and serves many audiences, so relevance is very important. We wanted people to be able to search and then refine their search, and using [Coveo’s] clustering feature has really helped with that.” - Brenda Darrah, Director of Knowledge Management 

Boston Children's Hospital: Instant Access to Treatment Information

“In the healthcare industry, every second counts. Accessing the right information impacts children’s lives. With Coveo, health care providers and researchers at Children’s have instant access to the precise information required to treat patients and push their research forward towards developing cures for pediatric illnesses.” - Shelley Norton, Document Repository Administrator