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About Coveo

We Make Companies More Relevant

Coveo drives radical financial gains for our customers by helping them gain greater relevance
to customer needs, go to market faster with more innovative products and operate at a much more agile level. All by leveraging their collective knowledge—arguably any company’s greatest asset and yet one that is generally not well utilized. Thanks to the greater returns gained on this important asset, our customers outperform their markets every year in both growth and returns. Find out what makes Coveo customers so passionate about knowledge.

We are transforming our customers’ knowledge management initiatives by placing organizations’ most contextually relevant knowledge in the hands of every employee and every customer, regardless of where they are or what they are working on. Search and Relevance Technology is the only way this can happen in the data-driven 21st century.

Louis Têtu, CEO

Think Outside the Search Box

Basic Enterprise Search is a commodity, ubiquitous in every system. And yet, as most organizations are finding, this commoditized search fails to deliver relevant insights and, as a result, disappoints users. Coveo solves the relevance challenge and makes believers of all users by taking enterprise search to a dramatically new, interactive level—Search & Relevance. Our revolutionary Search & Relevance Technology securely connects with all of your systems, and harnesses big, fragmented data from any combination of cloud, social and on-premise systems—without complex integrations. The Coveo Relevance Engine injects the most pertinent knowledge into the context of every customer, employee and website visitor to deliver—in real-time—what they value most.

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