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Coveo Recognized a Leader

in Enterprise Search

Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant Report

Learn how Coveo’s search & relevance technologies
make knowledge workers more proficient, support
agents more effective, and customers more engaged.

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Coveo harnesses information from across any system & source, and securely transforms it into relevant, contextual, actionable knowledge for your users.
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Knowledge Management & Intranets

Unlock your organization’s collective knowledge and expertise to outperform, out-maneuver and out-nimble any competitor.

Turn latent knowledge into active employee performance.

Innovate faster
Engineering & R&D

Your engineers and developers want to dream big, not search for information and reinvent the wheel. Help every engineer know everything that all engineers know, across time and geographies.

Go to market faster with more innovative products and services.

Service & CRM

Reinvent the agent–customer dynamic with the most relevant knowledge from anywhere, delivered where your agents and customers want—in the CRM or portal.

Reimagine customer service.

Online Experience

From secure, online self-service to the most advanced, contextual search for websites, Coveo makes website experiences engaging and relevant to the user.

Turn your website & customer portal into dynamic knowledge hubs.

Learn how Coveo can transform your business

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Coveo customers unlock their knowledge assets and outperform their competition. Their knowledge workers make fully informed decisions and are more agile and able to respond to market dynamics in real-time. As a result, Coveo customers go to market faster with more innovative products, sell more and have higher levels of customer satisfaction with a lower cost infrastructure.