UPDATE:  In December 2020, the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration will reach its end-of-life and will no longer be supported by Coveo. This deprecation doesn’t impact custom integrations in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal.



We’ve got big news. Today, we are excited to announce the release of our latest product, Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Now, Coveo’s AI-powered capabilities are available directly within Microsoft Dynamics’ built-in global search box. This is exciting because we are in a way breaking down the silos of information that exist in almost every organization today.  Now, through a single unified search from within Microsoft Dynamics, we can deliver contextually relevant results to people no matter where that content actually resides in their company.

For customers of Microsoft Dynamics 365, this means that a personalized search experience is now possible right within their CRM. For customer support agents this brings additional benefits.  They can automatically get recommended content served up to them based on the case details in their console, injecting relevant knowledge as part of every one of their customer support interactions.  We’ve already seen this in action with many of our current customers, and it has brought positive results such as reducing case resolution time, improving Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT), and increasing overall agent proficiency.

One of our early adopters, Tyler Technologies, has already seen some very positive results with their implementation. “Even though we’ve only been live with Coveo for a few months, we’ve already seen direct ROI from this project through measurable improvement of our first contact resolution”, says Patty Leino, Senior Support Service Manager at Tyler Technologies.  She added, “The word around here is that Coveo is genius: it’s been a lifesaver for our support agents already, and we’re continuing to see new benefits.”

Coveo has been recognized as a leader in this space, so bringing our AI-powered search capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a natural and powerful extension.

Why Coveo is a Game Changer for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  1. Unify your content no matter where it sits. With over 30 pre-built connectors, such as Sharepoint, OneDrive and Lithium, Coveo is able to surface content from across your organization that is most relevant to your users based on their context, history and behavior.
  2. Optimize relevance – automatically.  Coveo’s machine learning assumes much of the burden to automatically understand your user’s behavior and then optimize the search results.  This lets you focus on more valueadded activities such as understanding content usage and potential knowledge gaps.
  3. Better arm your support team to service your customer. Coveo can anticipate and guide users to what they need next, based on the content that led to successful outcomes for similar users. Proactively suggest content to read next to help them be as effective as possible.
  4. Create a more personalized experience.  Coveo allows you to easily configure the search experience for your users to better match your business data and help people visualize the information they need in a way that works for them.
  5. Drive continuous improvement with the insights you need. Coveo’s behavioral and usage analytics provides you with the tools you need to understand the content and knowledge your customer support agents are missing, as well as the content that leads to successful outcomes. Knowledge is power.
  6. Improve the efficiency and retention of your customer support agents. Coveo enables your customer support agents to upskill themselves by empowering them with the ability to find the knowledge they need.

The bottom line: it’s time to quickly and easily increase the value of your CRM investment with Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365.