We are all in this together. Without a doubt. 

We got together as a team immediately to discuss how we could best help our customers through this unprecedented time. We know that AI and Machine Learning  can help an organization be more digital; supporting their remote employees and service their customers’ new buying habits or expanded service needs. We know people need more from their current technology investments and need the how-tos to get it done fast. As a team, we know that Coveo Academy can help.

When we launched our online learning platform last year, it was to better serve and enable our customers. We know that customers who take the time to leverage our knowledge, how-to videos and full learning paths are ultimately the most successful with their Coveo solution.  Some of our most successful customers have leveraged Academy to transform their self-service operation, accelerate digital transformation, and more.

It is obvious to us – and we hope deeply beneficial to you – to take advantage of Coveo Academy – and now for 90 days, we are offering unlimited, on-demand access for you and your team for free.  You can take advantage with some of our most popular courses such as:

  • Coveo Fundamentals V2: An introduction to Coveo Platform core concepts, mechanics and vocabulary.
  • Basic Analytics: An overview of key analytics concepts, how to build reports, export data and how to influence relevance to maximize your Coveo solution(s) impact.  
  • Coveo Platform Administration: A primer on everything from content indexing to search page creation and query optimizations.
Your Guide to Building a Connected Workplace for Your Remote Workforce

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy. Just go to path.coveo.com and follow these steps: 

  • Log in with your usual username and password
  • Register using our free offer access code:  i6yru-jganpv9x

Once you log in, you can easily access the latest and greatest learning content in our community, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on what’s coming next. One way to stay informed? Be sure to login to Coveo Connect and subscribe to our Customer News feed.

As always, we’d love your feedback. What can we do to improve? What’s your favorite Learning Path? Let us know on Twitter by tweeting @Coveo