It’s my favorite time of year – Coveo Impact! This year’s conference is just around the corner and the Coveo team has not only been putting together an exciting agenda for the 2.5 days of the conference, but building out a suite of training opportunities before the conference begins to provide additional skills development.

We offer these sessions because we know that our community wants intensive skills development workshops, without missing out on the exciting use cases, insightful best practices and other topics during the conference. We decided to not compromise by offering these additional training opportunities before Coveo Impact kicks off.

Signing up for the pre-conference training opportunities with your full conference pass guarantees you will go home with practical knowledge of Knowledge-Centered Service® v6(KCS)or walk away with an action plan for how to improve your relevance maturity, plus the additional value and inspiration from Coveo Impact.  Register for Impact today.

What are the Coveo Impact 2019 Workshops?

Attendees can choose to attend the Coveo Academy workshops, where they can choose between two tracks or attend an intensive Knowledge-Centered Service® v6(KCS) training, at the end of which will be a certification exam.

Option 1: KCS® v6 Workshop

A three-day class designed to teach participants about the KCS® v6 methodology, the needed insights and skills to prepare you for launching a KCS® v6 program, tuning up your KM processes and more. An optional certification exam will be held at the end of the workshop.

Option 2: Coveo Academy Workshops

Outside the Box Series

The Journey Continues: What’s After Go Live

You’ve implemented Coveo. Now what? Hear common use cases beyond basic search, an overview of enhancements and improvements to make and the tools Coveo provides to ease the implementation of additional solutions.

Secure,  Unified, and Customized: Maximize the Power of Your Indexing Processes

It all starts with the index. Discover why and how you can implement advanced indexing techniques, as well as learn about metadata normalization, custom mapping and indexing pipeline extensions to power your advanced data manipulations.

Next-Level Navigation: How to Build on the JSUI

You’ve explored our JSUI in detail and have found that there are features you wish to implement beyond those included in the out-of-the-box solution. Now it’s time to learn how to build a custom component that you can re-use throughout your implementation.

Extending Analytics: Measuring What Matters to You!

Are you ready to go beyond our out-of-the-box analytics offering? Learn how to create custom events and augment existing events with custom metadata dimensions to make the most of your comprehensive usage data.

Think Outside the Search Box: Drive Navigation and Workflows with Relevance

Relevance-driven workflows don’t have to start with your search box. Find out how to use Coveo to create relevant and predictive content experiences wherever your users need them.

Beyond the Web: Delivering Relevance in Your App with Coveo

With the Coveo platform, it’s easy to expand the use of Coveo into native desktop or mobile apps.  Watch a live demo of the building of a native iOS app, and take a tour of our REST API.

Climbing the Coveo Relevance Maturity Model™ Series

Climb the CRMM: Leverage Contextual Relevance Tuning

A series of use cases and hands-on experiments will showcase the core mechanics behind the most advanced Query Pipeline features. Learn how to tune the experience for each user’s context.

Beyond Proactive Relevance: Machine Learning Design Patterns

Learn how to leverage the key design patterns and principles you need to know in order to achieve proactive relevance, as well as the mechanics behind Intelligent Term Detection and Recommendation.

Personalization, Planning the Journey with Tales from the Field

Your personalization journey starts with a clear vision of what’s ahead. Find out the questions you need to answer, along with a clear understanding of your progression towards personalization.

Climb the CRMM: Build a Foundation for Relevance with  Secured & Unified Content

The foundation of your relevance transformation is unified and secured content. Learn the core mechanics and the principles you need to consider as you move up the Coveo Relevance Maturity Model.  

Climb the CRMM:  The Core Mechanics of Content Navigation

Your users experience personalization through the “canvas” of your content navigation. Learn the core mechanics behind it and the crucial understanding you need in order to feed your Machine Learning with quality data.

Climb the CRMM: Measuring What Matters

Make the most of our out-of-the-box usage analytics. Learn the best practices and key insights for using the Usage Analytics Templates from the Coveo Platform.

Interested in finding out more? Email with your questions. Our pre-conference workshops fill up quickly – register here before it’s too late!