The Machine Learning aspect of Coveo is really helping us take our customers on a journey by allowing us to recommend products for them. – Blake Shipley, Marketing and Technology Innovator, Formica

Formica is the global leader in branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers. From countertops to floors, the company has built a best-in-class reputation in its 100+ years in business.

The company’s website needs to reflect their commitment to customer experience. Although customers cannot buy directly from the website, Formica wants to make the experience of finding products and retailers as frictionless as possible. 

5 Key Takeaways

1.) Investing in digital is critical. Blake observed that many customers spend more time on the website than with the sales team, which means that all product information needs to be as accessible as possible. 

2.) Closing content gaps is critical. Once the Formica team had the ability to use Coveo Usage Analytics to understand what searches were returning few to no results, it became immediately obvious what changes needed to be made to the digital and content strategy. For example, Formica added additional thesaurus entries to address their content gaps and saw an immediate increase in KPIs.

3.) The search experience is more important than you think. Having an instantly searchable site dramatically increased several critical measures for website performance by enabling website visitors to easily find the content and products they need.

4.) Personalization strategy needs to start with insights into the user experience. Formica used their 12 to 18 months of data from Coveo Usage Analytics to develop a personalization strategy as part of a website relaunch.

5.) When you understand what your customers are looking for, it’s easier to upsell. Formica has hundreds of products. With a tailored user experience, the company can upsell and cross-sell products with recommendations based on similar users’ behavior. “It’s been a game changer for us,” Blake shared.

To find out more, watch Blake’s video below.