Artificial intelligence.

This is a term that is widely known, but largely misunderstood. For some, it strikes fear into their hearts. The thought of automation equates to the loss of autonomy and a separation between machines and humanity. For others, it holds incredible potential for progress. That promise drives them to continually reimagine the world around them and moves them to improve it. This is who we are. 

Artificial intelligence is a journey humanity embarked upon 60 years ago, but until recently it was off limits to all but a few scientists. Now that AI influences the everyday lives of millions of people, through products like our search, we want and need to be part of the broader discussion on AI achievements, its shortcomings and how to make the best use of the technologies we all develop.

The launch of AI Labs gives us the opportunity to bring others into our world and empower those within it. We seek to bring you stories and studies from our AI experts in order to teach and learn, to speak and listen, to inspire and be inspired. There should be more to AI than meets the eye, and that is what we hope to reveal. 

Artificial intelligence is only as exceptional as the human intelligence that drives it, and this is the space where our humans will share the knowledge that powers ours. This starts with communicating an understanding of how things work, and moves to exploring new applications and capabilities that push the conceptual bounds of our technological reality. Ultimately, we seek to convey our vision for a world made better by AI and both the aspirations and challenges associated with it. 

The content here will differ from that on our corporate blog. It will serve as a channel devoted to longer and more abstract pieces in order to truly capture the thought process and intent of our contributors. However, what will not change is the purpose behind content creation- to connect us to you. As always, we invite your feedback because innovation is impossible without meaningful collaboration. 

As “computer father” Alan Turing said, “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.”

Let’s never forget that it’s up to us to get it done.

Welcome to our AI Labs.

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About Jacopo Tagliabue

Jacopo Tagliabue recently became Lead AI Scientist at Coveo after the acquisition of his own startup, Tooso, in 2019. In previous lives, he managed to get a Ph.D., do scienc-y things for a pro basketball team, simulate a pre-Columbian civilization, give an academic talk on video games and more! His research and industry work have been featured several times in international conferences and the general press.

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About Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt is a political scientist turned Senior Content Specialist at Coveo. As a data-driven content marketer, she combines her analytical skills with a passion for storytelling to produce compelling content across all areas. If she’s not writing, she’s exploring the great outdoors, jamming out to rock ‘n’ roll, or reading Harry Potter...again.

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