At Coveo, we believe that true innovation arises from the tapestry of diverse experiences. As we continue to grow our team, fostering diversity across cultures remains a priority for us. That is why we’ve recently gone through the process of carefully revisiting our corporate values so that they can represent the experiences of our employees, regardless of their background, ethnicity and gender.

Since then, we’ve transitioned from seeking culture fits to a value-centric recruitment mode, so that every employee and candidate can be evaluated, recognized and celebrated according to their own background and experience all while ensuring their core values will fit the company’s. 

Our core values serve as our north star, directing our every action and decision. You will find below a description of our seven values, acting as pillars of our culture and achievements.

Our 7 Coveo Core Values

1. We cultivate excellence 

We believe true progress comes from pushing boundaries and stepping outside our comfort zones. Our innate passion and ambition knows no bounds; we get out of our own way and challenge the status quo in everything we do. We are a leader, our mindset is one of innovation and adaptability, enabling us to drive change in our industry and lead the way towards a brighter, ethical future for AI.

2. We ensure customers succeed, every time

Our success as a company is intrinsically tied to the success of our customers. We are committed to delivering value beyond expectations. From developing high quality code, to maximizing the value from our product, all departments have our customers’ success at the core of their motivation. If the customer wins, so will we.

3. We take ownership 

We are accountable to drive results and get things done. We’ve built a culture of learning, growth, experimentation and continuous feedback, one that empowers our team to explore novel ideas — where calculated risks are embraced and failures are perceived as opportunities to learn and grow. We are unafraid to fail but we do it fast. No idea is too big, and no task is too small.

4. We do the right thing 

We firmly believe that success is not just about individual accomplishments, but about lifting each other up as a team. Integrity is the compass that guides our decisions. We speak up for what is right, not to be right. 

5. We elevate each other 

We embrace differences by questioning our own biases, amplifying each other’s voices, and harnessing the power of varied experiences and knowledge. We create the space to elevate each other by bridging our experiences, perspectives, and knowledge. 

6. We deliver value 

We constantly find new ways to be relevant to our internal and external stakeholders. We earn trust by being reliable and having a real concrete impact. 

7. We listen and learn 

Every new endeavor is a learning opportunity. We leave our egos aside, and proactively seek ideas and feedback we haven’t thought of. We constantly learn from each other to collectively elevate our capabilities.  

Building an Inclusive Recruitment Process

Our values are meant to be explicit about the expected behaviors at Coveo and the drivers for success and recognition. By making them less open to interpretation, we eradicated the unavoidable biases that come with any cultural-fit interviewing question. Whatever your ethnic, educational or gender background, if we share the same values we’ll have a role for you at Coveo. This is a first step to build an inclusive recruitment process, and not the last.

Dig Deeper

We are continuously on the lookout for top talent who resonate with our values and are passionate about making a real impact. If that’s your case check out our current job opportunities! Visit our careers page to discover how you can be a part of our team and contribute to our shared mission.

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