In a few short weeks, Sitecore Symposium will once again be taking over the hearts and minds of all those who embrace Sitecore as their digital experience platform of choice. Over 3,000 people will be converging on Orlando, Florida to discover how they can elevate their experiences. This years’ Symposium will be squarely focused on how organizations are racing to meet the digital expectations of their customers, partners, and employees alike.

So what exactly are your website visitors expecting? Well, 76% expect companies to understand their needs, 70% expect personalized outreach from vendors, and 59% of customers want tailored engagement based on past interactions. No matter what verbiage is used, all signs are pointing to a significant need for personalization. But how can an organization meet these expectations for every single one of their customers, without breaking the bank on new hires?

We’ll let you in on a secret: with AI-powered search and recommendations, scalable personalization is more accessible than ever. The best part? We can show you how from A-Z, and point to the measurable benefits that come with employing a best-in-class insight engine and a top-notch web content management systems, both have which have been named a leader within their respective Gartner Magic Quadrants in 2018. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff has nothing on this iconic duo. Ready to get started? Mark these things down on your agenda as “MUST-DO” if you’re ready to take your customer experience to the next level at Sitecore Symposium.

Get a free assessment of your website’s personalization and relevance capabilities.

Personalization is fueled by search and recommendations, and far too often websites will fail to keep site search in mind when building out personalization efforts. If you’re investing time and people power in setting up profiles and personas within xDB, shouldn’t you be leveraging your search tool to deliver content relevant to those personas?

Our UX experts are excited to be offering a complimentary and customized audit of your website’s search and personalization capabilities at Sitecore Symposium. You can get started by following the link below and filling out a simple survey in which you’ll be asked a few questions about your current search experience. Then, we’ll create a personalized report and meet you at Symposium to give you actionable insights on what can be improved and where to start.

Evaluate Your Website Search with our UX Experts

Discover how Fasken, a global law firm, exceeded digital expectations with Sitecore and Coveo.

Fasken was in desperate need for a digital renovation. They have 700 lawyers, 1200 employees, and over 40,000 pieces of content, all tied together with an outdated web and search experience. Customers and employees alike were frustrated; it was time for a makeover. With Sid Lee by their side, Fasken discovered the power of xDB and AI-powered search and recommendations, ultimately leading them to achieving their two major goals: enable personalized experiences and increase conversions.

Hear their story directly from Brenda Plowman (CMO – Fasken), and Yanick Bedard (VP Digital Strategy – Sid Lee), and what results they are seeing in the session “Rebuilding from the ground up with xDB and artificial intelligence” – October 10th, 3PM at Dolphin, Northern A3-4.

Explore Coveo’s own journey to a personalized customer experience with Sitecore.

Website redesigns are common place in this day and age. When it came time for us at Coveo to overhaul our website to deliver on the promise of personalized experiences, we had no doubt that our fellow industry leader, Sitecore, was the best fit to deliver an outstanding user experience.

At Sitecore Symposium we’ll be offering a look under the hood of how we combined these two technologies to enhance our digital experience. Join us to discover the hard lessons we learned, our best practices and a look at the road ahead.  A personalized customer experience never stops, it only continues to improve and adapt.

Join Gautier Lemesle (Interactive Director – Coveo), and Mark Floisand (CMO – Coveo) for “An industry leader’s journey to a personalized customer experience with Sitecore” on October 9th at 2:45PM – Dolphin, Norther A3-4.

Learn how to get the most out of your personalization initiative with out-of-the box AI

Customers demand personalized experiences, and when that demand is met, organizations benefit from higher conversion rates, increased content consumption, and stronger brand loyalty. However, manually creating a personalized experience for each and every visitor is a near-impossible task, it’s only possible with AI.

During Sitecore Symposium, Mark Floisand (CMO, Coveo), and Simon Langevin (Sitecore Strategy MVP/Product Manager – Coveo for Sitecore) will be walking you through the steps of how AI can deliver relevance at scale with their presentation “Get More Results Without More Effort With Out-of-the-Box AI” on October 8th at 6:10PM at the Expo Theater. We’ll have a special announcement that we can’t wait to share!

Our AI-powered search and recommendations experts and Sitecore MVP’s will be ready for your questions and queries at booth #403 during the entire conference. Don’t be shy, we’re here to guide you on your path to AI-powered personalization.

Consider us your digital Swiss Army knife, helping you to deliver winning customer experiences and every touchpoint of their journey. We are really looking forward to sharing variety of stories at Sitecore Symposium on how we’ve enabled organizations, and ourselves, to do just that. Personalized customer experiences are more accessible than ever, with AI-powered search and recommendations. We’ll see you there!