At Coveo we like to say that we have created an internship environment that is collaborative, welcoming, and, at the same time, full of challenges and opportunities for growth. Apart from the temporary status, there is very little that differentiates a full time employee from an intern.

In order to paint a proper picture of the Coveo internship experience, I spoke to two former interns, Thomas and Kaitlyn, so they could tell us about their time with us. 

You will be surrounded by passionate students

 “Of course, I’m free right away!” Thomas Camiré exclaimed when I initially approached him for an interview about his experience at Coveo. And I got the same reaction from Kaitlyn Katz, a student at McGill University: “I am so honored to be able to pass my passion on to my classmates!”

In the first few seconds of the discussion, the enthusiasm that our students have for programming was made clear: “What I love most about my field of study is that it is very rewarding and motivating; you solve real problems with creativity,” Thomas hastily told me.

I must mention that this software engineering graduate from École Polytechnique de Montréal has always been immersed in the world of technology, but it was not until the university admissions period that he chose software engineering: “I didn’t even know it could be a job,” he told me, laughing.

On Kaitlyn’s side, she’s been one with programming  for several years – from the age of 11 she was already completing modules on Code Academy on her own to learn more about the field. This desire to learn is still very present in the young woman, as she is pursuing not one but TWO majors: one in computer science and the other in linguistics.

Why Coveo?

With their infectious energy, drive and keen interest in IT, it’s obvious that Kaitlyn and Thomas are two star candidates for any internship. So, why did they choose Coveo?

On this subject, the two students were in agreement; the fact that Coveo is a product software company grabbed their attention. However, it was during the interview process that their interest was solidified: “My interview was with two women, which in this industry is very rare. I felt right away that I was in the right place,” Kaitlyn said. The interview was also revealing for Thomas: “I immediately wanted to bring the house down and tackle the challenges mentioned in my discussion with the team”. 

The pleasant working atmosphere, the reputation of the company, and the nature of the existing challenges are also factors that convinced the students to work and evolve with us.

Facing challenges but most importantly, big victories

Both Thomas and Kaitlyn received good news at the end of the interview process, in the form of opportunities on the Solutions Architect and API writers teams respectively. “From the interview, I knew it was going to be a huge challenge,” Thomas said, and he was right!

At the start of their terms, the interns were quickly entrusted to take on very significant projects for their respective teams, which really boosted their self-confidence. “It didn’t take long for them to trust me,” Kaitlyn told me. The same goes for Thomas, who quickly felt treated like any other of his colleagues.

Both Kaitlyn and Thomas expressed that their colleagues have been really supportive throughout their internships. They regularly received constructive feedback, and, despite having lots of autonomy, several resources were made available to the students to support them in their success. “I was really able to count on the collaboration of several colleagues from different teams. It gave me a real overview of how my work would impact many stakeholders,” Thomas confessed. “The communication was very transparent,”  Kaitlyn added.

When asked about their greatest achievement at Coveo, the two students told me with great enthusiasm that it was the fact that their internship projects are still used by Coveo’s employees: “I built a tool that hardly existed at the start of my internship. Today, it’s used by more than 70 people for several departments,” Thomas said proudly. “To have been able to contribute to Coveo’s success by creating value makes me very proud, especially since it was my first internship,” Kaitlyn told me with passion in her eyes. 

An internship at Coveo is, therefore, an ideal opportunity to learn through concrete projects that will make a difference for the company.

Are you next ?

I asked Thomas and Kaitlyn what advice they would give to someone who aspires to do an internship with us. “ Be curious and have plenty of passion to share! Yes, you will work hard, but what you will gain from it is worth it,” Thomas said. On her end, Kaitlyn invites future interns to challenge themselves, “Coveo will give you all the opportunities if you constantly push yourself. You will be supported in achieving your goals, but you need to show initiative!”

Do you also want to make an impact while working  on a team that will help you grow and learn more everyday? 

Great news! We recruit interns on both the technical and corporate sides of the organization, three times a year. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our current opportunities.