Dreamforce 2019 commences in 18 days. This event brings leaders and pioneers from across all industries together in one place for four days of dynamic engagement. 2,700+ sessions, inspiring keynotes, and unparalleled opportunities for innovation are just a few of the many highlights of this event. Did I mention former President Barack Obama will be making an appearance? 

With an event this big on the horizon, it’s necessary to prepare well- that means preparing early. We’ve been preparing for Dreamforce 2019 since last year’s event wrapped up in order to make our sessions bigger and better than ever before. When it comes to getting ready yourself, reading over formal agendas and FAQs is certainly helpful. However, we have some tips and tricks to make the most out of this event that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

We gathered some of Coveo’s finest to give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know to make your Dreamforce dreams come true. 

Audrey Parent 

What’s your best advice for making the most of Dreamforce?

Definitely make sure you know why you’re going to Dreamforce. Did your company send you to help build intel on your competitors? To learn from other leaders in your industry and see how they are using Salesforce? It’s easy to get lost in all of the chaos, so you want to be prepared.

Be sure to reach out to those you want to meet the most at Dreamforce prior to the event. Schedules fill up fast and you don’t want to miss your chance for that face-to-face interaction with a customer, prospect or partner. Focus on building relationships and attending social events that come your way. The value of having mentors, friends, and allies in the Salesforce ecosystem can’t be understated.  

How has the event changed in the years that you have attended?

This is only my second year attending Dreamforce, but just between this year and last I have seen an impressive jump in the number of attendees and sessions. There are more than 2700 sessions available this year, which increases navigational challenges, but also brings more opportunity. 

With regard to my own progression, I feel more confident and prepared to manage the event internally for Coveo. I did this last year as well, but now I have the benefit of having past experience that I can apply to really make the most out of everything to come. 

What did you wish you had known the first time that you attended?

I wish I had known how physically demanding Dreamforce would be. Long days standing on your feet are ahead, so make sure to show up well-rested and ready to go. That being said, definitely bring comfortable shoes. You’ll have walked a marathon without even realizing it. 

San Francisco can be surprisingly chilly and windy that time of year, so it’s also very important that you bring a warm coat. Although I didn’t mind having to go shopping during my trip, you might want to avoid having to search for something to wear. 

Lucas Sanders 

What’s your best advice for making the most of Dreamforce?

Consider the number of things you want to accomplish. Now, cut that amount in half and double down on the top priorities. It is important to set realistic goals to get the most out of this event. 

Keep calm. Many of your planned meetings are going to cancel. However, you will also have impromptu encounters with amazing results. Planning to go with the flow sounds like an oxymoron, but make the effort! 

 How has the event changed in the years that you have attended?

I think the increasing attention given to diversity and inclusion is incredible. It gives this event an amazing feeling that is simply not reproduced elsewhere. Being immersed in this dynamic atmosphere and experiencing it firsthand is empowering and only gets better year after year.

What did you wish you had known the first time that you attended?

I didn’t realize how important it is to pace yourself at this event. It’s very easy to take on too much too quickly.

Now I know how important it is to take mental breaks. I even try to build them into my schedule whenever possible. It prevents me from fading and missing out on great opportunities. 

Mark Handron 

What’s your best advice for making the most of Dreamforce?

Do not delay in building your plan for this event. Understand precisely where you want to be and when, as well as with whom you want to meet and why. Then register for sessions as soon as you possibly can- they fill to capacity immediately.

Pace yourself. Don’t overdo it on day one.  It is a long week.

How has the event changed in the years that you have attended?

The best way I can describe the change is that there is always more of everything. There are more people, which means better networking opportunities and longer days. There is also more insightful thought leadership, which offers great perspective across all industries and topics. 

However, companies also come with greater expectations for what they intend to accomplish. That is why it is important to set “realistic” goals from the start. 

What did you wish you had known the first time that you attended?

I wish I knew how much walking would be involved at Dreamforce. You will be on your feet for long periods of time, and given the time of year, you can almost count on rain. Bring comfortable shoes, and more than one pair.

Neil Kostecki 

What’s your best advice for making the most of Dreamforce?

Plan out your agenda early and know which sessions are must-sees versus ones you might want to catch but aren’t a big deal to miss. Be sure to register as soon as you can to guarantee yourself a spot. Get your swag bag early too so that you’re ready to rock in true Dreamforce style. 

I also suggest wearing comfy shoes and multiple layers so you’re ready for any situation throughout the week. Your agenda and the weather can both be unpredictable, so you want to be prepared for everything to come.

How has the event changed in the years that you have attended?

Each year our Coveo presence has increased, and this year we’re going bigger than ever before. We have incredible sessions planned throughout the week that address multiple themes relevant to you. Not only that, we are also offering you the chance to see AI-powered search and recommendations in action during a demo with one of our experts.

This will only be my third year attending this event, but I have already been so impressed by its fantastic growth and know it will continue. Einstein and Mulesoft were the big topics last year, so I’m excited to see what’s in store this year. 

What did you wish you had known the first time that you attended?

My first time attending Dreamforce, I missed some sessions due to booth duty and schedule conflicts. I wish had had spent more time booking sessions ahead of the event and figuring out exactly which ones I wanted to see the most. 

Also, don’t assume that pitfalls are limited only to your first time going to Dreamforce. Last year, I spent six hours on a layover due to a delayed first flight. Now I know to book my flight ASAP to avoid a connection and, more generally, that I need to be prepared for anything. 

Coveo is ready to help you deliver effortless experiences that drive business results. Hopefully you are now ready to come join us and take advantage of all we have to offer. Be sure to check out our Dreamforce website to learn more about where we will be and what we have planned for you.

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