Engaging digital customer experiences increase customer loyalty, revenues and profits. It’s a given. So what’s stopping most companies from providing the personalized, contextual digital experiences their customers value?  

At Sitecore Symposium, Coveo CMO Mark Floisand, together with Sitecore MVP Dan Cruickshank, and Simpler Media CEO Brice Dunwoodie, will lead a session that  uncovers some of the common obstacles to personalization (disconnected systems and data, web managers’ inability to understand what customers really mean and want, one-size-fits all web experiences, etc.) and offer a practical approach to personalization for every Sitecore website.  

In the video and Q&A below, Mark explains why digital marketers and developers working on personalization projects or anyone interested in creating richer, more contextually relevant experiences for their visitors should attend this session.

Marie: Mark, could you tell us a bit more about the speakers joining you at this session?  

Mark: I’m thrilled to be joined onstage by Dan Cruickshank, President of Fishtank Consulting and Brice Dunwoodie, CEO of Simpler Media Group.    

Dan is a three-time Sitecore MVP based in Calgary who focuses on using Sitecore and  search as a canvas to build engaging digital experiences. His firm, Fishtank Consulting, developed a search-first digital CX for the Enbridge website re-launch. He’ll explain why Enbridge selected this highly visual, intelligent search-powered experience to help site visitors explore relevant information and assets. He’ll show how visual tiles serve up rich content – with and without queries – and how search-generated pages are designed to look like the rest of the site, but are more personal to each visitor.   

Brice is the founder of Simpler Media Group, Inc., the organization behind the CMSWire.com publication and the creator of the DX Summit conference. Simpler Media Group’s CMSWire business and tech blogging platform reaches 2.5 million readers annually. For Brice, one of the best means to grab and hold onto readers chasing the latest headlines is providing intelligent search tools that deliver added value to keep visitors on-site, encourage them to return, and extend their stays. During the session, Brice will talk about CMSWire’s digital experience strategy made possible with the capabilities of Coveo for Sitecore.

Marie: Why should people attend the session? What will they learn?          

Mark: Personalization is a big theme at this year’s Sitecore Symposium. Dan, Brice and I created this session to share a practical and proven approach to personalization that eliminates some of the common obstacles, and adds intelligence to their Sitecore sites.

Attendees will learn how a simple-to-deploy intelligent search, analytics and machine learning technology from Coveo lets your website understand website visitor intent and respond with the best information, every time, for every visitor.

We hope attendees will take advantage of these approaches to:  

  • Make onsite search results relevant to each and every customer.
  • Understand what’s working and what’s not, and how to make changes accordingly.  
  • Deliver rich, personalized experiences for everyone.

Add Mark’s Session to Your Symposium Agenda

“Personalizing CX with Self-Learning Intelligent Search” will take place on Thursday, September 15, at 2 p.m. at the Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans and is open to all registered Symposium attendees.  

If you’d like to meet with Mark or Coveo’s other digital marketing and intelligent search experts at Symposium, you are invited to pre-book a meeting or plan to stop by the Coveo booth #201 for a demo (and a chance to win a GoPro!).