Originally founded in Quebec City in 2005, Coveo has seen tremendous growth and has since spread its wings across North America and Europe, hiring the most talented people; wherever they are located. Coveo’s somewhat unconventional way of business has brought incredibly talented people together from across the globe who all contribute to Coveo’s success and culture. As Coveo continued on its growth trajectory, it saw the value in bringing members of the team together to conceive innovative ideas, implement change and have a centralized location to really represent its lifestyle

Fast forward to 2016, Coveo decided to make a bold move and has launched a new office in Montreal. The Montreal office is responsible for handling some core functions of the company; where satellite offices and local team members are typically in charge of marketing, sales and/or account managemen

So, why is Coveo so confident the Montreal office will succeed? And how come Montreal is the right place to make this happen? It’s true that Montreal is the only Canadian city to be part of the Unesco Creative City Network. And it’s true that Montreal’s creative industry attracts most meeting planners. But to say those are the only reasons why Coveo was inspired to expand to Montreal would be an understatement. There’s more of a method to our madness than that.

Montreal is not a one-size-fits-all mainstream city. Montreal is where Europe meets the new world and is the only officially bilingual metropolis in North America. So many cultural communities live alongside each other while adhering to a common goal: living in a better, safer, more organized and connected place with endless opportunity

With its various cultural influences, Montreal is a unique place where it’s okay to be who you are and expression is encouraged. This exciting mix of cultures is what creates a booming creative ecosystem. Renowned companies like Cirque du Soleil, Sid Lee, Moment Factory, Ubisoft and others are grass-rooted in Montreal and they’re excellent examples of utilizing Montreal’s best asset: its diversity. Another good example of this being the inception of the now world-renown C2MTL business conference

Like Montreal, Coveo has the following guiding principles:

Innovation leadership: Montreal is a world-class innovation ecosystem, leading in sustainability, research and education, IT and social environments. Coveo is also a leader, leading the enterprise search industry for two years in a row. We use our insights to continuously improve our solutions and interactions with our community and those of our customers. We provide relevant and contextual information every time, everywhere, for everyone.

Be smart, be digital: Montreal has announced its city action plan that aims to collect and release data that will help Montrealers to better connect, coordinate and collaborate, ultimately improving their daily interactions within the city. At Coveo, we create best-in-class Intelligent Workplaces. The Intelligent Workplace is the next generation intranet. It takes the information from your conventional intranet as well as all the other systems across your enterprise and it understands your context, learns from past behavior and outcomes, and delivers insights through the applications and devices of your choice. We help our customers connect with their audience, coordinate the collective knowledge within their internal team and facilitate the collaboration of their staff and customers. At our core, our solutions are both smart and digital.

Embrace diversity: Montreal has some incredible events that truly sets the city apart, like Piknic Electronik, Jazz Fest, Just For Laughs and many others. These events celebrate the diversification of the city. Diversity sparks creativity and Coveo lets that creativity permeate its culture and position in the market, making it truly remarkable on every level.

Montreal is a canvas, its residents are the artists, everyone makes their mark. This is Montreal, this is Coveo. Join the movement. Join the #CoveoLife!