When I sat down to chat with Shishir, it had been just two weeks since he relocated and started a new life at Coveo. Shishir Rawat is our newest Project Manager in the Professional Services team in the Montreal Office, located at Windsor Station.

Shishir arrived in Quebec with all his worldly possessions in three boxes, his MBA in organizational and information strategy, as well as a solid professional experience of more than ten years. It was a friend of his, Shivam, who joined Coveo last fall, that introduced him to Coveo. Shivam showed him the opportunity for growth that was unique to Coveo.

(By the way, at Coveo, we like receiving referrals from employees, which allows us to find people as passionate and talented as those already on the team!)

Originally from India, Shishir’s wanderlust keeps him flying from one location to another. “I moved a lot! In the last ten years, I have lived in five countries and in more than fifteen cities. I have worked in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Singapore, Chicago, Milwaukee and Buffalo, not to mention my personal travels,” he says.

A big change

“I found the interview process very selective, but at the same time very inclusive. I noticed this although my interviewers did go through the usual interview processes. Every step of the way, the interviewer took time to talk about Coveo, the role, and their expectations of someone coming into the role. The interviews were warm, unlike any other that I have been part of. There weren’t any gotcha/stress moments. Through actions, Coveo showed that they wanted me to be part of their culture. And I did.”

Although the needs of workers are great in order to maintain growth, Coveo is far from leveling down. “The hiring process was a good challenge! There were several stages and the technical tests are challenging. It really gave me the impression that they were hiring me because I was competent, not because they are looking for someone at all costs.”

I relocated to Canada a week later. This is not ideal” says the 33-year-old, who seeks to find his bearings in his new professional environment but also a new living environment. He settled in Old Montreal, not far from the office.

Currently as we talk in our Quebec headquarters, it’s the beginning of April and the winter clings. It is in this context that I ask him how he finds Quebec. “Cold. Very cold. I even briefly wondered if I had made the right decision… I haven’t gotten the chance to buy a coat yet! Shopping is not really my cup of tea” he says, with a laugh.

As a Project Manager at Coveo, he is called upon to play a role of consulting and managing the implementation of our technology for our customers. Coveo has rolled out over 1000 implementations in recent years for its high-performance solution, in dynamic companies like Adobe, GoPro and VMWare. “I hope to bring my own flavor to the projects I work on,” he explains. “In the professional services department, we have an exposure to a wide variety of amazing clients in different industries, most of the time we are presenting to VP and Director level roles. That is intimidating and fun! This is not a typical 9 to 5 job. No two implementations are the same, you are always tackling new problems, interacting with different industries,” he adds.

Follow the Wanderlust?

“I am hoping that my stay here lets me find an European tint in my character, if I have one! Have already enrolled for French classes, waiting for the summer to explore the beautiful countryside, camp around a little and really understand the culture,” explains Shishir.

In the future, he wants to continue to take on new challenges and new experiences. Shishir does not seem to me the kind to stay in one location for long. “I genuinely see myself growing with Coveo; far and beyond the current geographies. And If there is an opportunity to grow in an assignment overseas; you will surely see me lining up to get the chance. In the words of late Stan Lee: Excelsior!”

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