With the rapid spread and increasing severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world around us is facing change of the same speed and magnitude. Mobility has decreased, public anxiety has increased, and there is an overwhelming sense of uncertainty surrounding every aspect of our daily lives. How we work and live has fundamentally changed – and people are desperately looking for ways to make sense of it all and power through the situation at hand. 

A key element of this change is the onset of a new digital reality. 

Your customers, partners, and employees already held you to incredibly high standards, and now their expectations are greater than ever before. They expect to be able to find the information and products they need online, exactly when they need them, no matter how they go about looking for them. This means that your service, commerce and workplace solutions need to be more relevant and resilient than ever before. 

While the long-term business implications of this pandemic are still being evaluated, we do understand that your business is facing new challenges right now. And here at Coveo, we are determined to help you adopt leading-edge technology and put it to work to transform your digital organization in every business area – service, commerce, and workplace – so that you not only survive this crisis, but emerge even stronger when it ultimately passes. 

With this mission in mind, on April 2nd (1pm ET), our CEO and Chairman, Louis Têtu, would like to speak to you directly in a live update and conversation to share how digital leaders are generally responding to this new reality and planning for tomorrow, as well as the lessons we have learned and how Coveo is here to help you. Long-time Coveo customer and Executive Vice President of Customer Support at Salesforce, Jim Roth, will be joining Louis to help lead and contribute to this powerful dialogue. 

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