At Coveo, Customer Success (CS) is more than a department, it’s a commitment to our customers, and a north star for cross-functional alignment.

While there are industry-leading indicators of CS performance, our ability to contribute to business strategy and execution relies heavily on a solid foundation of guiding principles.

Read on to discover our 2021 Customer Success strategic blueprint. 


In our highly customized environment, our strategic commitment to our customers is our collective north star. The outcome of our partnership is measured against our unique customer journey and its key milestones for success. 


How can a role in CS influence net retention rate and growth?

  1. We reduce Churn – unsuccessful customers are at risk – the silent business killer
  2. We drive Growth and Advocacy – CS is a growth engine if you can move from defense to offense
  3. We exceed Client Expectations – Customers in the modern economy want and expect support to achieve their goals. 
  4. We increase Enterprise Evaluation – Investors are focused on CS metrics and strategy as indicators of company health. Investors consider CS to be critical to ensuring that revenue recurs predictably. If you have a positive net retention rate, you can sell even more to the existing customer base.


Recruitment of CS professionals is at an all time high. Well executed Customer Success programs are critical to business strategy, and our profession is in explosive growth among SaaS players globally. With a rapidly growing customer base and CS team at Coveo, we invested early in building our Career Matrix to highlight roles and responsibilities of each team member today, with clear and distinctive paths forward in each role. 
Making this visible and transparent to everyone in our company heightens accountability and creates growth opportunities based on unique passions and skill sets.


One of our strategic objectives for 2021 is to scale and improve operational efficiency. To do so, we have made an important investment in data-driven tools such as Gainsight, Chorus, and Tableau. This has allowed us to continue to cross collaborate and make key decisions based on CS driven data. 


Another of our strategic objectives is to invest in employee engagement through thoughtful hiring practices, employee onboarding, and personal wellness needs, especially in a new remote culture. 

Wellness and engagement of our employees start with creating opportunities for us to feel connected and thriving in our roles. Scoping the right workload, strength assessment workshops, team, and individual skill-building activities, and industry-specific workshops help create an environment of cohesion and empowerment. 

While our foundation strengthens over the course of this year, we are always eager to collect new perspectives and challenge our way of thinking. Innovation is at the heart of our strategy and operations. If you have any questions, ideas, or are curious about our CS thought leadership practice at Coveo, please feel free to reach out! 

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