“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” – Samuel Johnson

Founded in 2005, Coveo has been on a steep growth trajectory. What started as a small Quebec City company with just 20 employees, is now operating at a global scale with more than 350 employees worldwide. We’ve seen 50% employee growth in the last two years alone which is why we have offices in Quebec City, Montreal, and San Francisco, why we have invested over 1 million Euros in developing a Montreal presence and also why we decided to grow our European roots in London. We’re celebrating the opening of our newest office in Chiswick Park, which is in the heart of West London. With fantastic European customers like Baillie Gifford, Dankse Bank, and Unit4 we’re really proud to be establishing our presence in London and look forward to growing companies and partnerships in the UK and Europe as a whole with the power of AI relevance.

Our newest location will be supporting a core team of individuals with marketing, sales, support, and strategic partnership expertise. Combining our core team with our unstoppable growth, we are thrilled to be growing our footprint in London. There is a undeniable thirst within the European market to leverage the power of AI, and we’re excited to help organisations leverage AI-powered search and recommendations enabling them to become digital leaders within their respective industries.

Why Chiswick Park

“If you enjoy work, you do better work. If you do better work, you have a better business.” – Enjoy-Work, Managers of Chiswick Park

When seeking out new places to plant our flag, we always look for locations that have strong cultural ties to the roots of the city itself. Chiswick Park was an obvious choice for our current and future colleagues. The location itself is host to over 60 companies who have made it either their European or UK headquarters. You can discover the likes of CBS, Sony, or even Pokemon!

There’s no better place to grab a cup of coffee and unwind during lunch than the Park itself. It takes pride in its many nearby facilities that help those in the area to achieve a proper work-life balance. One of Enjoy-Work’s core philosophies is “the belief that supporting and engaging individuals first is the key to productive and engaged employees.”

Getting to and from Chiswick Park is easy, which is important to us as we develop our team. It’s conveniently located to both the underground and overground networks, the M4, and the major international airports. Did we mention that it’s only 30 minutes from the city center?

What’s next?

Well, besides bringing AI-powered search and recommendations to Europe and helping organisations make business personal, we’re excited to have a permanent home within the UK. While it’s trite, the possibilities are endless in our new location.

If you’re interested in joining a growing team and bringing your expertise to our new London office, take a look at our open positions! If anything catches your eye, I’m only a tweet away.