Customer Service Week is a worldwide event that aims to recognize and reward people working in customer service roles. Coveo wants to take a moment to acknowledge the essential contribution of our support team to our success. I spent some time with Patrick Martin, Director of Technical Support, to find out more about this team, which he says is “always on the front line”.

The Coveo Support team is made up of about thirty people who work to solve the problems that customers may encounter, especially when implementation is recent and there are adjustments to be made. “It’s not an easy job. When a customer contacts us, it’s because it’s not going well, they have a problem to solve,” explained Patrick.

The Coveo AI solution is cutting edge, but that implies that it is hypercomplex. Customers will always need support. While our client success team ensures that the client is using Coveo to its full potential, the support team solves any problems.

So I asked Patrick: It’s a bit like a call center? “No, not at all!” He explained that historically, customers have to go through customer service first before being transferred to a more technical level. At Coveo, handling cases requires a very high level of expertise. We try to assign the case to the most qualified person to help the client with their specific problem the minute they contact us. The client does not waste their time, as they speak directly with an employee who knows the product very well. “It’s often developers or system administrators who contact us, you have to know how to speak their language”.

Coveo’s Dr House

In the Coveo support team, there are two main roles:

  • Product Specialists: They are entirely dedicated to the relationship with the customer, handling the simplest cases to the most complex;
  • Product Experts split their time between proactive and strategic work focused on continuous improvement, and reactive work according to cases they receive from our customers.

What is the typical personality of a member of the support team? “These are various profiles, but all of them have some things in common: the willingness to help, the interest to get to the bottom of things and the desire to understand how things work. They have the desire and the ability to understand things they have not created, to see the effects and causes,” he explained.

A typical day is very unpredictable-each case is a new puzzle and they must first make a diagnosis… a bit like Dr. House! This inevitably involves teamwork and collaboration because it is always faster to find a solution when several heads are involved. Their work also requires being able to prioritize, move from one business to another, and even manage several things at the same time.

A week to celebrate

The week will be busy for our support team! They will enjoy a lunch, potluck, LAN party, and a team dinner. There will even be a paper plane contest! “Coveo gives their support team time to get down, have fun, spend time in a team. We really want to say THANKS,” Patrick concluded.

Would you also like to be part of a company that takes the time to thank the teams that make it so successful? Look at the open positions and come live the #CoveoLife!