We at Coveo are often humbled by the passion our customers show for our technology. We like to think it’s due to placing our customers at the center of our operations and practicing what we preach—customer centricity. This means listening to what they need and developing products that always take them a bit further in their journey to leverage the vast amounts of diverse data available to them, in order to make better business decisions, develop more innovative products, and better serve their customers.

We recently received an award that we believe stemmed from one customer’s passion. Our recent launch, Coveo for Salesforce, was named the Tech Best in Show at the Technology Services World conference in Las Vegas. This is a people’s choice award, voted by the conference attendees. We attribute, in large part, the attention we received thanks to our customer Tokyo Electron having had two speaking engagements at the event, where they talked about their journey and their successes with Coveo. A heart-felt thanks to Tokyo’s amazing team for this tremendous support. And, thanks to all of the attendees who voted us Tech Best in Show after listening to the Tokyo team and visiting our booth.

Our customers win awards, too, for their Coveo programs. We’ve just issued two news releases about two customer engagements:

CAIJ is one of the largest sources of legal information in North America, offering free access to legal information to its 25,000 members and 39 legal libraries across the Province of Quebec. Through its use of Coveo on its website, CAIJ gives judges, attorneys, lawyers and clerks a way-beyond advanced enterprise search tool that gives them instant access to information, case law, legislation and documentation stored across many different databases. This helps CAIJ better serve its customers so they can in turn, better serve theirs, with more informed legal decision-making and improved day-to-day efficiencies. Earlier this year, the project received the Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing, along with the OCTAS Award for excellence in Quebec’s Information Technology industry.

SOGIQUE is a division of Quebec’s Health Network, answering customer questions across 23 health care applications as well as email, online content, records management systems and file systems, including a sophisticated ticketing system and knowledge base from our partner, C2 Innovations. SOGIQUE’s service agents have access to all relevant information using Coveo, to better serve its millions of users.

It all comes down to customer centricity. We like to think of it as a virtuous cycle. We place our customers at the center of our operations, providing them with applications that help them do the same, in turn fostering happier customers that keep the cycle going.