For those of you keeping track of where Coveo’s research scientists are presenting – we are thrilled (and proud) to announce that Coveo will be at NAACL 2021 with two contributions, a theoretical paper, and an industry paper, both focused on building grounded language models in ecommerce. That’s right, both our submissions were accepted! 

The 2021 Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics – (NAACL for friends) – originally planned in beautiful Mexico City – will be held online this year, June 6-11.

NAACL is one of the most prestigious venues for theoretical and applied research in Natural Language Processing technologies, with high-impact contributions from leading institutions and organizations around the globe. Ecommerce use cases feature prominently in the program,  giants like Rakuten and Amazon are participating.

Our Contributions in Grounded Language Models

Our contributions share a simple thesis, and leverage a simple (in retrospective!) insight, as both papers go on and explore the consequences of the use of product vectors to build grounded language models:


As with other research initiatives before – such as the SIGIR Data Challenge or last year’s RecSys paper – our NAACL 2021 papers are the result of a successful industry-academia collaboration. In particular, a huge thanks to our co-author Federico, from Bocconi University, without whom this achievement would not have been possible!



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About Ciro Greco

Ciro Greco is Director of AI at Coveo. He holds a PhD in Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience from Milano-Bicocca and worked as visiting scholar at MIT and as a post-doctoral fellow at Ghent University. In 2017, he founded, a San Francisco-based startup specialized in Knowledge Representation and applied Natural Language Processing. Tooso was acquired by Coveo in 2019.

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About Jacopo Tagliabue

Jacopo Tagliabue recently became Lead AI Scientist at Coveo after the acquisition of his own startup, Tooso, in 2019. In previous lives, he managed to get a Ph.D., do scienc-y things for a pro basketball team, simulate a pre-Columbian civilization, give an academic talk on video games and more! His research and industry work have been featured several times in international conferences and the general press.

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