We’re excited to announce that Coveo has been named one of Montreal’s Top Employers for 2024 by Mediacorp, the only recognition of its type in the province of Quebec. This recognition celebrates our ongoing commitment to always innovate in our HR practices and prioritize employee wellbeing at scale.

The criterias used by Mediacorp change every year to reflect the reality of a fast changing workforce Here’s a glimpse of how Coveo’s practices contributed to this year’s eight selection criteria.

1. Workplace

Our Montreal office is located in the gorgeous historic building of Windsor Station blending charm and heritage with modern amenities; soundproof booths, open space offices and different lounge areas where our employees can enjoy a variety of free healthy snacks, coffee, tea or a tall glass of filtered water, thanks to our Kupa stations. The location provides easy access to public transit and bike-sharing stations, along with facilities for cyclists. We even have showers with towel services for our employees commuting by bike, walk or run!

2. Work Atmosphere and Social

Social activities fuel our hybrid workplace by providing us with moments that feed into our positive culture. Despite the challenges of the post-pandemic workplace, we’ve organized hybrid social activities to ensure that remote employees feel included. These activities cater to diverse interests and needs, ranging from sports tournaments to professional development workshops and wine tasting from Quebec wineries!

3. Health, Financial, and Family Benefits

We prioritize health and wellness through various programs and initiatives, including mental health support, community engagement opportunities, ergonomic workstations, and a free in-house gym. We also have the pleasure to benefit from having instructors coming to the office to give two classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays: cardio bootcamp and yoga. We also provide our employees with free coffee, tea and a range of healthy snacks to make sure everyone is fueled for the day!

4. Vacation and Time Off

Our vacation allowance, based on tenure, ranges from three to five weeks per year. We also close our offices for five business days at the end of the year to encourage employees to recharge, connect with their loved ones and enjoy the holiday spirit. Additionally, we support work-life balance by allowing employees to take an additional week of paid vacation in advance when they feel like they need it.

5. Employee Communications

We prioritize open and transparent communication at all levels, leveraging newsletters, intranet sites, and platforms like Slack. We value feedback and encourage all employees to participate and share their thoughts openly. We also make sure to create a space so employees can share their feedback and ideas anonymously to their managers.

6. Performance Management

Our performance management program is an evolutive process that aligns employee goals with organizational objectives as it provides constructive feedback, and enhances communication. Once a year, we do a company wide performance management review where we focus on highlighting the great accomplishments and identifying areas of growth and development.

7. Training and Skills Development

We empower our employees with the tools and opportunities that support their professional growth. Our internal development platform offers a wide range of training programs tailored to specific employee needs, favoring internal mobility at scale. The range of available training goes from product focused enablement, to skills development like giving effective feedback, for example.

8. Community Involvement

Our 1% Pledge focuses on democratizing knowledge, supporting the environment, and promoting diversity. We’ve set up six committees comprising employees from different departments and seniority levels to drive our ESG strategy. These committees work voluntarily during work hours, with no decrease in compensation. We have a volunteering “time” committee that offers our employees opportunities to make a difference in their community, whether it is by offering their time or sharing some of their expertise to support organizations. 

We are proud of our efforts in these areas and are honored to be recognized among Montreal’s top employers. To learn more about our selection, read this Globe and Mail article.