We are honored to be recognized as one of North America’s Top Inspiring Workplaces by the Inspiring Workplaces organization. This recognition is a testament to prioritizing excellence by designing people-first experiences that will enable a positive and inspiring work environment for our employees to deliver continuous innovation.

Inspiring Workplaces evaluates organizations based on six key fundamental elements: culture and purpose, leadership, wellbeing, inclusion, employee voice and employee experience. 

Culture: What We Mean By Culture Of Excellence

Our culture of excellence is driven by our strong sense of purpose that is the common mission of democratizing business success globally with AI. This ambitious goal is what pushes us to challenge ourselves and the status quo by working on tomorrow’s projects. 

Leadership: A Leadership Team That Leads By Example

In the fast-paced tech industry, our leadership team prioritizes trust, transparency, and collaboration. We empower our team to achieve work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle by valuing well-invested time over mere presence. In fact, adding to our wide ranging comprehensive benefits, we’ve clearly established OKRs and strategic investments, thus giving clear direction across the board enabling our team to reach their full potential through high-value and impactful projects. 

Wellbeing: The Fundamental Core Of Our Success

Our hybrid workplace environment empowers employees to work where they perform best, whether at home or in our dynamic offices. Amongst our other perks, our office amenities include a gym, showers, group training sessions, ergonomic workstations, healthy snacks, and menstrual hygiene products. Remote employees receive tech equipment, wifi reimbursement as well as access to employee support groups and EAP-guided training to foster social connection and counter isolation.

Inclusion: Value Based Recruitment That Prompts Atypical Backgrounds

With prioritizing diversity in mind, we’ve recently reevaluated our corporate values and shifted to a value-based hiring model, which has resulted in a significant increase in applications over the past year. Our skills-based recruitment values atypical profiles, while our inclusion committee as well as company-wide training and inclusive policies, like diverse family leave and a hybrid workplace model, support true inclusion.  

Employee Voice: Our North Star

We empower employees to lead effective communication and active listening by fostering transparency through weekly team meetings, manager-individual sessions, quarterly town halls, annual kickoffs, and a yearly enablement event. Our hybrid work model is supported by a dedicated communications team leveraging digital platforms to keep employees informed and connected all whilst taking the pulse of employee sentiment through monthly surveys.

Employee Experience: Nourish The Passion

Our hybrid workplace grants individuals autonomy in choosing their work environments, boosting morale, productivity, and work-life balance. Concretely, to counter isolation risks, we continuously create opportunities for spontaneous conversations and collaboration through regular regrouping events, including a comprehensive onboarding week for new employees and our annual hybrid educational event “Elevate”. We value our people’s insights and encourage them to suggest new ideas and technologies, so we can constantly innovate and grow together as we learn from each other’s backgrounds!

Our employees’ passion and commitment to innovation and making our clients successful are what make Coveo a truly inspiring workplace and as we celebrate this achievement we remain committed to empowering our team to achieve their best work and reaching their full potential! 

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