This post begins a series of short blogs on Coveo technology innovations in 2013 and a few sneak peaks at what’s planned for 2014, with a focus on the four hallmarks of Coveo’s Search & Relevance Technology: Connectivity, Unified Indexing, the Relevance Engine and User Engagement. Our first post focuses on user engagement, via mobile devices.

Because people want and need to access information and knowledge wherever, whenever, Coveo in 2013 developed a new JavaScript search interface with the Responsive Web Design (RWD) approach. This allows our customers and partners to easily implement interfaces that adapt based on the user device (desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and that reorganize UI elements to make the most of available screen real estate.

On a plane, just landing—delayed as usual—to meet a big client? No problem preparing for your meeting, just pull out your mobile device and gain a 360 view of the customer you’re about to meet, including up-to-the-minute communication with anyone at your company.

Touch navigation is not simply a new way to interact with devices, it’s also a completely new way to design applications, and we’ve made a touch-oriented version of the JavaScript search interface available, too. This touch UI enables Coveo customers to create customized mobile search applications. Leveraging Adobe’s PhoneGap technology framework, native iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications can easily be built and then deployed using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. These mobile applications can either use Coveo’s standard touch interface or a customized version.

For mobile online experience applications, for example, requiring a highly customized mobile UI, our new JavaScript UI framework allows Coveo customers and integrators to easily deploy and customize a feature-rich search interface in their own mobile pages or applications to present results from a Coveo Cloud or on-premise index.

For WCM applications particularly, you can even use the end-user’s geolocation (retrieved from the device’s GPS) to provide context to filter and rank the search results provided by Coveo, as have our customers in the entertainment industry.

How do you provide the information your employees and customers need, when and where they need it?