Introducing Coveo for Salesforce at Dreamforce last week in San Francisco was like showing up at the biggest candy store in the world filled with more happy kids than you’ve ever seen in one place. Now imagine you have a new flavor of candy, and they all want it! We didn’t seem to have enough candy to go around–but more limited free trials will be available soon! Please don’t despair, just tell us how you like your information served up and we promise to get back to you quickly! And yes we are in the app store process and it will also be available there, soon.

We met so many great people, among the 90,000-person Dreamforce mass, that it was worth the trip and time just for the engaging conversations. We are grateful for all the positive comments we heard about the strong role that we are filling for Salesforce end users and administrators. While some were talking about federated search, we are taking information access to the next level. Coveo for Salesforce places the power of a highly advanced, intelligent indexing engine in the hands of Salesforce end users for the first time. More powerful than federated search, this technology understands what users are working on and automatically recommends related content from across the Salesforce platform and beyond, helping them do their jobs more quickly and effectively.

During Dreamforce, our friend Kaihan Krippendorff published a second piece on our CEO Louis Tetu via Fast Company. All about collaboration and knowledge, the article likens the big problem Coveo solves with its ability to bring together people and information to the challenge mankind has faced since time immemorial: “Mankind’s history has been shaped by lost knowledge.”

Intelligent indexing technology now provides the potential to increase the use of, and therefore value from, all of a company’s knowledge, including that which resides in social media. Now all that has been lost, may be found, and as a recent Forbesarticle about Coveo noted, “It just may lead to the next greatest phase of wealth creation.”
Today we are announcing a new connector for Coveo for Salesforce, enabling users to continue to find and reuse knowledge from their Dropbox folders along with many other cloud-based systems. Soon, we’ll incorporate Salesforce ChatterBox, and of course Chatter itself. The social enterprise is here, and we at Coveo are ready to help all companies combine it with enterprise data and enter that “next greatest phase of wealth creation.”