The entire Coveo team is still on cloud nine after the resounding success of our very first customer event, Coveo Impact, in San Francisco. Impact ‘17 was about more than having some of the most innovative companies under one roof, it was about bringing customers and partners together who are revolutionizing the way business is being done in the digital age, and sharing their struggles, insights and best practices for staying ahead of the curve.

In his keynote presentation, Coveo CEO, Louis Tetu perfectly encapsulated the common thread of all digital success stories, the single most important thing that companies need to know: only relevant encounters drive business.

Customer Highlights

Over the course of the three-day conference, we saw numerous real world examples of how Coveo helps drive real and measurable business results through websites, customer communities, and directly within organizations. We heard directly from some of your peers from Salesforce, BRP, Tyler Technologies, Ellucian, and Extreme Networks about the innovative ways they’re using Coveo at a strategic level, and the measurable improvements they’ve obtained, including:

    • Greater than threefold increases in customer self-service
    • Staggering improvements in case deflection rates
    • Customer satisfaction scores that climbed above 9.0
    • Best in class click-through and click-ranks
    • Significant increases in dealer productivity and autonomy
    • and more

If you were unable to attend Coveo Impact or missed one of these great client sessions, you can learn more about their journey to delivering relevance and how Coveo has played a crucial role by downloading the slides directly.

Speaking of client results, at Impact we also recognized some of our clients who’ve leveraged Coveo to transform their businesses and customer experiences in truly unique ways. Once again, we offer our congratulations to:

  • Salesforce, winner of The Impact Award, has seen remarkable business results across their agent and customer self-service community.
  • Extreme Networks, winner of The Relevance Award. Extreme has adopted and applied Knowledge Centered Service and with Coveo Machine learning, delivered deeply relevant experiences for customers.

Stay tuned for details of how your organization can be nominated for next year’s awards.

Product Developments

Another highlight of the event was the tour of the latest exciting product developments across the Coveo platform and family of products, led by CTO Laurent Simoneau and our product team. Attendees benefited from live demonstrations of the latest enhancements to Coveo for Sitecore, Coveo for Salesforce, and some cool new developments done using the Coveo platform in our lab.

You can access some of the incubator projects we showed on Github, including Coveo integration with Alexa and Twilio, and start tinkering with them yourself. Remember, these are experiments done by our R&D team to showcase how easy it is to embed Coveo in your own use cases, and are not fully productized solutions. Unfortunately these experiments don’t come with our amazing support team or additional documentation, but we encourage you to have some fun and build on them.


Some of the other key takeaways from our product sessions are as follows:

  • Coveo’s cloud-based machine learning capabilities have allowed us to move far beyond search into personalization and recommendations for every use case
  • Coveo is launching an index-agnostic platform, and will soon be able to deliver our machine learning, relevance and recommendations on top of 3rd party indexing
  • You can now leverage the power of Coveo to enhance search for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Partner Highlights

Coveo Impact ‘17 would not be possible without our incredible partners: Appirio, Perficient, Sitecore, ARKE, MC+A and SingleStone. They brought extremely valuable knowledge and expertise to the event and echoed the importance relevance has at every touch point of the digital experience.

Some of the biggest takeaways from our partners include, but are not limited to: the important role Technology and UX play in a solution but change is needed across process, oversight, behavior, and technology in order to better optimize toolsets and drive productivity – see Appirio’s session titled, “The Virtuous Cycle – Creating Great Customer and Worker Experiences with Coveo” to learn more.

Getting the most out of Coveo Impact ‘17

We heard from a number of attendees throughout the event that were surprised by the diversity of Coveo and the cool features that are available and made possible through AI-powered search and machine learning.

To make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the tools and capabilities available to you with Coveo, we invite you to reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you don’t yet have a Customer Success Manager, please contact your Client Executive or Regional Sales Manager for more information on our Customer Success and Support Programs.

If you’re not already a Coveo customer, but are interested in learning more about how can help you achieve similar results, contact us today.