The Coveo Europe team is excited to announce our first ever European event, Impact Europe

After seeing a substantial demand for the market to expand our presence in Europe, we’re bringing our European customers, prospects and partners together for a one-day summit on “Powering Individualisation with AI” on September 26, 2019 at Tate Modern, London.

What does Powering Individualisation with AI mean? 

Customers and employees today demand more from their online experiences. They now have a shortage of “digital patience” and won’t go page by page to find what they need. Your website visitors know many organisations today are tracking their behaviour – and they want organisations to put it to use. One survey revealed that more than half of consumers are willing to share personal information if it was being used to create a personalised experience. 

It’s not enough to merely “segment” your customers and employees into large groups, when every person brings a unique context and behavioural profile. No two people are the same – so what is the experience you are offering them on your website? 

Along the same lines, it is also worth questioning if a handful of datapoints really tell the full picture of your customers’ and prospects’ context and intent when they reach your website, customer community or other digital channels. Yes, it is possible to use the prospects’ previous pages visited to determine what to recommend next, but what if they just finished a webchat on your mobile app and have a very specific question to answer? Would the data from the app translate to a different experience on the website? For many organisations, the answer is no – until now.

With AI, it is possible to truly individualise the experience you’re providing to every single visitor and user when you connect your data into a single index. In the past, this resulted in just too much data for one website team to analyse and understand. Now, AI can automatically apply the insights from your data to recommend the content or pages for a next step – across every channel.

Many companies still tend to quickly check the box for personalisation with superficial updates that add very little value to the overall experience of the customer and prospect. If your visitors are still struggling to find what they need from your website, you’re not doing enough. Individualisation means speaking to the “customer segment of 1.”

What Brands Need to Do Now to Individualise with AI

It’s tempting to dismiss all of this as far-reaching possibilities, but if your team is not having the conversation already about how to meet customer expectations for 1:1 experiences with AI, you’re behind. One recent report indicates that more than half of consumers today view personalisation as a “standard of service” and one out of three find it “very frustrating” when they receive offers that are not relevant. These percentages will only grow. 

At Impact Europe, our team will help organisations develop an action plan for what to do now to meet these rising expectations, which includes:

  • Understand your customers. Don’t let your data live in silos. Companies need to use multiple datapoints to gain a holistic view of their customers’ journey: a million people, a million experiences.
  • Be passionate about customer success. Forget trying to drive your customers from offer to offer. It’s time to accept that you are no longer in the driver’s seat in the digital journey; your customers are. Empower them and help them succeed.
  • Think about the entire lifecycle. With AI, it’s possible to use every datapoint you have to understand behaviour, develop insights and develop your roadmap. Stop thinking in terms of channels; put yourself in your customers’ shoes and create one continuous, unified digital journey.

The bottom line: the rise of individualisation is not an ad hoc tactic; it’s a business strategy that treats each customer as the unique and complex person that they are. With AI, and only AI, your business can do this at scale. 

If you’re based in Europe and are interested in learning more, consider attending Coveo Impact Europe. Find out more info on the event website. The event is invitation-only, but you can register your interest on the website.