Did you notice our new look?

That’s right: For 2021, we have a brand new logo, along with some other tweaks to our appearance. 

You, our Coveo customers and partners around the world, have made Coveo the fastest growing relevance platform. Coveo still fixes search, of course, but today’s implementations cover relevance, personalization and recommendations across a wide range of digital experiences. 

Having become the leaders in AI-powered relevance for all your digital experiences, we decided it was time to update our look and feel to reflect all the things you look to Coveo for. You’ll see that in our new logo, which hints at lenses and focus, revealing the hidden, and bringing clarity. The new logo also echoes the way Coveo takes in 360° of your company’s signals — all of your customer and employee touchpoints — and sends back out 360° of relevance into all of your digital interactions.

Though you’ll see new colors and lightly redesigned UI elements and website pages, everything else you like about Coveo is unchanged. In particular, all the tools and features behind the Coveo login wall are unchanged, other than an updated appearance. Everything can be found exactly where you expect it, and everything works exactly as you expect it to.

Similarly, there have been no changes to Coveo’s corporate structure, your Coveo point of contact, or your Coveo contract. 

Pardon Our Dust

Thank you for trusting us to help you deliver engaging, relevant experiences to your customers, employees, and partners, and for making us the leader in the market. 

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Update: We are now thrilled to announce the first of many bold 2021 moves – on March 25th, we are holding Relevance 360: The Future of Experience is AI. Be sure to register today to discover how to enhance your digital experiences using AI and become radically relevant to your customers, employees, and partners. Experience leaders like R “Ray” Wang, Brian Solis, Rachael Powell, and Coveo’s own Louis Tetu are looking forward to figuratively taking center stage to share their knowledge with you.