Margaret Wise is the Vice President of Strategy for ARKE, an Atlanta-based brand experience and technology consultancy.

ARKE, a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, leverages the right people, processes, and marketing technologies with critical data to produce measurable results. The founder-led company has a roster of 135 clients and 350 projects completed.

Margaret is responsible for managing ARKE’s key relationships and events to drive the company’s continued growth. ARKE is partnering with Coveo to sponsor IMPACT, our 2017 customer conference.

We sat down with Margaret to talk about the ways the ARKE team is making an impact with Coveo and how its work embodies the Relevance Revolution.


Q: Why IMPACT? What made you decide to sponsor the event?

Margaret: Coveo’s intelligent search enables organizations to better leverage Sitecore at the enterprise level. In fact, as we work through projects with our clients and map their needs, particularly around the customer journey, it emerges as a must-have technology. So naturally, we saw sponsorship well aligned with our interests.

As a brand experience design and technology consultancy, we combine attributes of a creative agency with a technology firm. We balance the customer and user experience with the technical results the organization hopes to achieve. We bridge the gap between marketing and IT to create the ideal brand experience.


Q: The theme of IMPACT this year is the “Relevance Revolution.” How do you view this revolution and the impact of relevance for your clients?

Margaret: To offer the best brand experience to your customers, you have to offer relevant interactions. We have moved beyond “moment marketing” to “mindset marketing,” which all ties back to relevance.

“Moment marketing” means recognizing where someone is in a customer journey and taking advantage of that moment in time. “Mindset marketing” focuses on a broader understanding of customer behavior. Instead of just looking at time, mindset marketing applies a psychographic approach to understand customers’ motivations and needs.

As marketers today, we have to incorporate relevance into every experience. All factors, from the time of day to the topic of the search needs to reflect that relevance. For example, if I’m on my auto insurance company’s mobile app at 11 p.m. in downtown Atlanta, that context indicates I’m likely filing a claim. But if I log on the insurance company’s website from my laptop in the middle of the day, what’s relevant to me is likely very different. I’m probably in an education mode there.


Q: What story or feature of Coveo comes to mind when you think about the Relevance Revolution?

Margaret: Our clients like the way Coveo automatically pulls and surfaces relevant content for respective topics in their content channels, or recommends the most relevant content based on factors they select, such as recency or topic. This is important because it gives users greater abilities to query and find the most relevant information for their needs, quickly and efficiently.


Q: What are you most looking forward to at IMPACT?

Margaret: The ARKE team is really excited about becoming more involved in the Coveo community. We’re eager to hear what other Coveo customers are doing and take those best practices back to our clients.

We just finished up IMPACT 2017 from June 19 to 21 in San Francisco – but we’re already getting ready for 2018! Stay tuned. Find out more on the IMPACT website.