Customer support is changing, are you meeting your customers expectations?

There’s a lot of talk around digital transformation and what it means for support organizations. Though there are many reasons support leaders embrace it — from cutting support costs, to improving agent proficiency, to delivering a better customer experience — it all comes down to one thing: relevance.

Delivering more personalized and contextual experiences in all areas of your business, particularly customer support, will have a profound impact on the value you deliver to your customers and your support operations as a whole. What is separating the leaders from the laggards in today’s ever-evolving consumer landscape is relevance – and the desire to win at every interaction. Enter relevance transformation.

The results of relevant customer experiences span across the entire support organization. Putting the best information at customers’ fingertips, the moment it’s needed, has a direct impact on self-service success, drives higher case deflection, lowers customer effort scores, increases community engagement and enhances agent proficiency. Not only does the overwhelming majority of your customers prefer to self-serve, 73% of all consumers claim that relevant experiences are more important to them than price and product quality, every irrelevant interaction is costing you money.

With Dreamforce right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get a head start on your relevance transformation and build your roadmap for effortless, AI-powered support experiences for customers, partners and employees. If you’re planning on attending this year (you really should!), here are a few tips to make your experience most relevant to you.

Getting the Most from Your Dreamforce Experience:

1. Bring Relevance to Every Aspect of Your Support Organization

Your customers expect Amazon-like experiences, can you blame them? It’s so great to get exactly what you need the moment it’s needed. Proactive recommendations of what they’ll need next, which was once a “wow” factor, is becoming the norm. It can be difficult to keep up with the unrelenting expectations of today’s tech-savvy customer but AI-powered search and recommendations makes it possible at scale, across your support organization.

Coveo for Salesforce enables relevant interactions at every touchpoint, from your customer self-serving on your Salesforce community, to your support agents working in Service Cloud, creating seamless end-to-end experiences.

Meet with Coveo experts and members of the executive team, as well as fellow support leaders, and learn best practices for a scalable support strategy that exceeds your customers’ expectations. Book your meeting today and come visit Coveo at the TableTop Tap House during Dreamforce.

2. Discover How You Can Leverage Service Cloud to Take Your Support Strategy to the Next Level

Not only is Salesforce Service Cloud a powerful platform for assisted customer support, it also has an incredible ecosystem of add-on apps that you can leverage to drive measurable business results based on your specific needs. At Dreamforce, Salesforce experts and support leaders from some of today’s most innovative companies will come together at the Service Cloud lodge to talk about all things customer service.

If you’re looking to transform your support experience, from improving self-service success to increasing agent proficiency, you’ll want to visit the AI-powered search and insights experts at the Coveo booth. We’ll be offering Coveo demos that showcase how trailblazers like Xero, Informatica, BRP, and many more are using unified search, machine learning and analytics to deliver relevant, personalized experiences to every customer, every time.

What’s more, you can work with our experts to improve the relevance of your support organization in real-time with one of our free trials.

Service Cloud Lodge: Tuesday, September 25 through Friday, September 28

Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis | Golden Gate Ballroom

3. Explore Recent Lightning Innovations

Salesforce changed the game when it announced its Lightning Community Builder and it continues to innovate, allowing you to build the best solution for your customers needs, with little effort required, using out-of-the-box components and Bolt Solutions built by partners.

Here are a few Lightning innovations that will put you in control of your relevance transformation and equip your organization to create and deliver more intelligent support experiences for your customers, partners and support team.

Lightning Console: Support for Live Agent Chat

The Coveo Lightning Insight Panel is now compatible with Lightning Live Agent. Support agents can now find the most relevant info related to their chat conversation and even post information directly into the chat with a single click. Relevance is controlled on the backend, using Query Parameters, which provide easy and flexible configuration with no need to edit the page’s code.

Bolt Solutions: Become Relevant, Faster

Lightning Bolts are pre-packaged templates and components built by an ecosystem of partners with the desire to help you achieve business-critical goals faster. Leading consulting partners of Coveo, such as Paladin, are building Bolt solutions based on their deep knowledge of the Salesforce platform, of specific industries or use cases, and of complementary components that give support leaders the tools they need to improve their time to relevance.

Paladin Bolt Solution: Moving from a Legacy Community Platform to Community Cloud

If you are considering moving from your current community platform such as Jive or Lithium to Community Cloud, Paladin, a renowned expert in the community space, has the solution for you. Their Bolt solution helps companies migrate from their legacy community to Salesforce, with a layout and intuitive functionalities that eases the transitions for users. They inject AI-powered search and recommendations from Coveo into their solutions to create more intelligent experiences that help users easily find and discover content on the new platform.

4. Leverage Your Network

Dreamforce is a gathering for innovators; quite literally the force behind their company’s vision. One of the best ways to delight your customers and kick off your relevance transformation is by learning from organizations that are already well on their journey and are yielding high returns on their efforts.

Coveo experts and support professionals are coming together Tuesday, September 25th to share industry insights, support trends and innovative ways they’re using data-driven insights to improve every element of their support strategy.

Grab our signature Relevance on the Rocks cocktail and leverage the knowledge of the Coveo community. Return home with actionable insight that will help your organization reduce customer effort, improve its self-service strategy, develop a healthy customer community, enhance its Net Promoter Score and overall satisfaction.

Register for our VIP Cocktail party here.

5. Get Ahead of the Crowd

Dreamforce is an event that breathes new life into existing (and potentially stale) strategies. With customer expectations continuously on the rise, organizations don’t have time to waste. Fortunately you don’t have to wait to get started. Get ahead of the crowd with on one of our free Coveo for Salesforce trials and start seeing results before you arrive, no strings attached.

Not only will you be able to make the most of our on-site experts and work through any questions or challenges you might be facing in real-time, by installing our free trial you’ll also receive a free Coveo hoodie at Dreamforce! Get started today.

There’s no shortage of things to do and people to see at Dreamforce. With schedules already starting to fill up, be sure to book some time with one of our experts today and get your relevance transformation in motion. See you there!

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