The #CoveoLife awaits!

It’s hard to believe that it has only been two years since I joined Coveo. I have seen so many things progress in the past few months, it is incredible to see how much we have evolved. There are still so many projects in store over the next months. We’re always talking about innovation and bringing the team and the company to a whole new level and it’s true!

When I first started at Coveo we were 140 employees in the company, I was the third employee in HR (recruitment) with a Talent Acquisition Lead and an HR Generalist. We are now 280 at Coveo, with 4 HR and 4 recruiters. You can easily imagine how much the landscape has changed, and for the best! Here are 4 reasons why YOU should join the #CoveoLife.

  1. We can’t stop, won’t stop

We opened a brand new office in Montreal, that saw 37 new colleagues join in less than a year. We also completely renovated the office in Quebec City and more than doubled the workspace.

On the tech side, the future is now! We launched some great new features for our products, we pushed the boundaries with Cloud V2 and Coveo Machine Learning (try it out, it’s amazing!). More information about 2017 so far on the product side here. With such incredible breakthroughs, it’s hard to imagine what the next steps are, the possibilities are literally endless.

2. We are recognized as an industry leader

We received our share of market and industry recognition as well. Our hard work is definitely paying off. Not only were we named a leader by Gartner & Forrester, we were also employer of the year by the Stevie Awards in 2016 and “prix rayonnement hors Québec” at the Fidéides.

Status quo is simply not an option. We already have an amazing work environment, and these recognitions continue to fuel our fire! In the past 2 years, the entire team has worked hard to make our workplace even better for all of us, including our “onboardees” and cherished interns!

3. We offer great perks

Multiple perks and services are available to us here at Coveo. No more taking time off work to wait at the clinic. Every employee can now ask a nurse or a doctor any health questions or concerns in no time with Dialogue, a mobile platform. In addition, Canadian and US employees also saw their benefits improve with a range of new options. No more stress thinking about or preparing your morning breakfast! We have access to free and healthy snacks all day long, including fruits, yogurt, cheese, juice and granola bars. And, the real icing on the cake… no need to stop by the gym anymore (so I guess no more cake!), our Quebec City office now has a gym and offers regular fitness classes like comboost, boxing, and yoga to all employees.

Coveo Life Boxing

4. We invest in the success of our team

We accepted the challenge of offering a better candidate and team experience in regards to recruitment. Almost all of our hiring processes have been improved with a testing phase. They get to create or review work that is very similar to what they would be expected to accomplish in their daily job at Coveo. It is a great way to show off their skills and know what to expect from the role: win-win! If you know someone at Coveo, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral. Coveo folks can be highly rewarded to help us find our next stars.

Our interns also share our thirst for knowledge. We are also super excited when interns can show off their skills and all they have learned at the end of their journey with us. With the addition of the Internship Excellence Program, they get the opportunity to share their rewarding experience to the entire company. They have the chance to show off their accomplishments, their projects, their impact on the team, what they have learned and much more. It comes with nice souvenirs! Psst… we are now accepting interns in Montreal!


We take onboarding seriously. For three full days, new “onboardees” get to learn all the ins and outs  about Coveo with conferences from our leadership and subject matter experts. Newest members also get to experience fun team activities in the evenings to get to know colleagues and rapidly feel at ease. It’s also a great time to shine! After the training sessions, newcomers get to demonstrate their talent and what they’ve learned in a small team workshop.

Class of September 2017

Coveo onboarding

Another exciting improvement for newcomers to Coveo; the “Coveo 90”. This new program is nothing short of a treasure for new employees, it contains their references for everything you need to know: people to reach, their objectives, what they will learn, the best documentations, etc. A useful guide for the first 3 months!

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What’s next?

Get ready! We will launch a brand new website soon and we are already looking to boost office space in Montreal. Lots of other surprises are coming for employees all over Coveo, stay tuned for details!