In less than four months, top relevance experts from around the globe will converge in San Francisco to swap success stories, connect with like-minded peers, and explore the true impact relevance has on the success of organizations in the digital age.

Entering its second year, Coveo Impact is our annual conference that brings our community of customers and partners together for three days – offering in-depth training sessions, best practice and success story sharing, and the opportunity to meet with innovators utilizing Coveo beyond initial intent in ways that take personalization to the next level. It’s safe to say that Coveo Impact is where the forward-thinking folks come to connect.

But why should you, yes, you, attend Coveo Impact? Here are 10 reasons:

1. Connect with Thought Leaders

Thought leaders from innovative organizations will be within arm’s reach at Coveo Impact. It is the perfect time to ask questions or get their hot take on trends within our industry. Don’t be shy, soak up the knowledge!

2. In-Person, In-Depth Training

On-demand training is good, virtual training is great, but in-person training from our best-in-class practitioners is simply the best. Leading up to Coveo Impact you can get all the hands-on training you desire, learning from fellow cohorts and experts along the way.

3. A Hackathon to Remember

The Coveo Impact Hackathon will be the time to tinker and push Coveo to new limits and extremes. It’s time to put on your thinking cap and experiment in an environment with fellow developers bent on stretching the boundaries of what’s possible with Coveo. It’s the time where bugs can very well be features! What will you create?

4. Discover the Impact of the Unified Layer of Relevance

At Coveo we talk quite a bit about “Making Business Personal”, and the unified layer of relevance is key to that. The unified layer of relevance is the act of tearing down interaction silos, interweaving them into one omnichannel experience that will allow your customers to have relevance no matter what they do with your digital platforms. Simply put, every interaction informs the next interaction, no matter the platform or channel. This unified layer will be the undercurrent of all activities within Coveo Impact, so be sure not to miss out.

5. Innovation Showcase

Our Innovation Showcase harkens back to science fairs from our elementary school past. But gone are the display boards and paper mache volcanoes. Instead, you will be greeted with Chatbots, Alexa Skills, and so many more forward-thinking implementations of Coveo. Not only will the innovation showcase satisfy your creativity, you’ll leave with a ton of new ideas that will make your business personal.

6. Gain Access to Closed Door Sessions

Last year at Coveo Impact we had the pleasure of hearing from a Fortune 500 company in a closed door session where they spoke about the power of Coveo and how it’s helping their organization bring relevance to customers, clients, and partners. This year also promises exclusive, behind-the-scene insight from some of the world’s most trusted brands.

7. Network with Like-Minded Peers.

Coveo Impact is a true ‘meeting of the minds’ event and we happen to have some pretty brilliant minds attending! It is the perfect place to network with peers who are experiencing similar industry and operational struggles and overcoming them with Coveo. Gain tips, tricks, and hacks to make your Coveo implementation even more successful. Knowledge is power after all.  

8. Ask Us Anything!

Questions, meet answers. The Coveo Ask Me Anything booth will be hosted by our dedicated relevance experts. From your most technical question to basic business operations – at our booth, there is no such thing as a stupid question. We will even show you how to make a great poutine, if you’d like (spoiler alert: it’s all in the cheese).

9. Get That Promotion You’ve Been Eyeing

While we can’t promise you’ll get a promotion by attending Coveo Impact, we can promise you will leave with a noggin full of knowledge that is usable to get you and your company ahead. Whether it’s the KCS® v6 Practices workshop, or perhaps you spark a great idea by attending one of our many keynotes or breakout sessions, you are sure to return home with tools to put your plan into action.

10. Celebrate with Great Minds

We will be toasting all the new knowledge and new friendships that came from Coveo Impact with a celebratory happy hour. You can unwind and enjoy the company over some delicious drinks.

Coveo Impact is going to be another great event with knowledge sharing, innovation, and success stories. Tickets are still available, and you can take a look at the agenda to see what else may capture your interest. Better yet, there is still time to nominate your company for a Coveo Customer Award up until March 30th – if you are doing something outstanding with Coveo, send us your submission!

If you have any pressing questions about Impact, feel free to tweet us directly @Coveo. We hope to see you at Coveo Impact in June!