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Coveo for Sitecore Edition Comparison

Free Get Started building a powerful site search experience for free. Pro CloudThe fastest and easiest way to incorporate Intelligent search to your Sitecore Web Site. Enterprise CloudGet access to the full range of features from the Coveo Cloud platform.
Cloud Index None (On-Premises index) 1 Prod & 1 Sandbox 1 Prod & 1 Sandbox
Connectivity Sitecore Sitecore, Web, Sitemap &
Push API
All Cloud Connectors*
Page Editor Integration
Coveo Usage Analytics
Machine Learning Relevance Tuning
Machine Learning Query Suggestions
Coveo Ranking Editor UI
xDB-Based Personalization
Machine Learning Recommendations 900K
Query per Month 50K 200K 300K
Content Indexed 200K 500K 1.5M
Pricing FREE $2,000per month $4,500per month

* Salesforce connector is excluded.
Connectivity to other sources is available at additional costs.
All prices quoted are in US dollars and valid for three-year contracts only. Contact us for a custom quote.

On-premises editions You manage the servers and relevance manually. Machine Learning not available.

  • Pro Edition

    Basic functionalities to get started with Coveo Intelligent Search.

  • Enterprise Edition

    Improved connectivity, xDB integration to personalize the search experience, and richer relevance tuning features.

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